Wheels are meant to roll…  and to effortlessly flow your pallets from point A to point B, whether in a gravity-fed pallet flow rack system or on floor mounted push-assisted lanes.  Mallard has a number of accessories to manage the speed of flow (speed controllers) or to hold-back pallets as needed relieve rear back pressure (pallet separators) within all of our gravity-fed pallet flow rack systems.

pallet flow  push-assistedBut what about floor-mounted, push-assisted lanes with no pitch?  You might think you don’t need a hold back device for these systems, but Mallard customers have found otherwise; pallet loads do tend to shift or roll independently on the lane, so our design developed a fix – Mallard’s Movable Stop – a foot-operated pedal device that uses a magnet to lock the pallet in place.  Simply tap the pedal’s toe-kick to release the pallet.  The “movable” stop can be moved where it’s needed on pallet flow lane for Magnum wheel, skate wheel and split-roller pallet flow lanes.


  • Holds back pallets
  • Move where needed along the pallet flow lane
  • Simple foot-operated pedal with magnet hold down
  • Mechanically set and released
  • Application floor mounted, push-assisted pallet flow


Mallard has a variety of push-assisted pallet flow lanes used for a variety of applications in distribution and manufacturing: finished goods staging, shipping/receiving, and assembly and case-pick operations.


More Custom Push-Assisted Pallet Flow Systems

MAgnum push assisted pallet flow


Floor mounted push assisted pallet flow