Designing pallet flow lanes for case picking is only part of the process… coming up with an equally effective way to remove empty pallets from the pick area is also important for operational efficiency and warehouse safety. That’s why the Mallard empty pallet return lane is an important part of the case pick puzzle. And… to ensure we satisfy all our warehousing customers’ needs no matter what type of case picking operation they have we offer four unique empty pallet return lanes to choose from.

Pallet Flow Empty Pallets - Mallard Manufacturing
Stacked Empty Pallet Return Lane

Empty Pallet Return Lane Options:

  1. Vertical Pallet Return
  2. Double-Sided Vertical Pallet Return
  3. Single Empty Pallet Return
  4. Stacked Empty Pallet Return

The vertical pallet return lanes (1 & 2) allow the pallet to be placed on its side to flow to a takeaway aisle; however, the single and stacked pallet return lanes (3 & 4) are reverse-engineered pallet flow lanes that allow workers to place the pallet flat to flow away from the pick area. The EPR -700 pallet separator is uniquely designed for use with the single and stacked empty pallet return lane options.

See it work for stacked pallets in this engineering test lab video:

Empty Pallet Return Lane -Mallard Manufacturing

As you can see empty pallet return lanes allow a simple and effective way to remove empty pallets from the pick area in a way that not only keeps areas clutter free but also protect pallets from damage and improves overall warehouse safety.

Workers simply place empty pallets in the lane and release the EPR separator to allow them to flow. The EPR-700 allows for several pallets to be safely accumulated before releasing them to flow to the takeaway aisle. Empty pallets arrive undamaged and ready for return or restocking.

Pallet Flow Empty Pallets - Mallard Manufacturing
Watch All Four Empty Pallet Return Lanes in Action

EPR-700 System Advantages:

  • Improved pick area efficiency
  • Improved worker safety
  • Empty pallets protected from damage
  • Increase restocking efficiency
  • Minimized pick area congestion

If you’re currently working with or designing a case pick operation that doesn’t have an easy, effective way to get the empty pallets out of the area and back into use… Call the Mallard gravity flow experts. We’ve got a measurable and effective solution for you!