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Easy How-To Video for Installing Indirect Mount Speed Controllers in Full Roller Pallet Flow

Do you FIBA? We do, and we can do it in just seconds just watch our video!

What’s FIBA? It’s shorthand for Field Installation Brake Assembly and we use it to refer to our latest enhanced engineering design that makes pallet flow field installations not only a breeze but accurate.

The FIBA is an assembly that is installed beneath our Ultra-Grip pallet flow rollers to work in combination and control the flow of pallets down the lane. The Ultra-Grip Roller is a full-width roller with a texturized rubber coating. As you can see in the video, the rollers are mounted in pairs and the speed controllers (brakes) are positioned between them underneath the pallet flow lane. The rubber surface of the speed controller meets the rubber surface of the grip rollers to slow the rotation ultimately controlling the speed and tracking of the pallets above as they flow over the rollers. This configuration is most often used for pallets that would otherwise surf over galvanized full-rollers.

Indirect Mount Pallet Flow Speed Controllers - Mallard Manufacturing4 Easy Steps to FIBA Installation:

  1. Locate the Ultra-Grip rollers. Line up the indirect-mount speed controller (brake) assembly between the rollers.
  2. Next insert brake assembly into corresponding holes.
  3. Insert the brake assembly into the corresponding holes on the other side.
  4. Install locking pin into the hole on the mounting assembly.

Pallet Flow Brake Installation - Mallard Manufacturing

Ultra-Grip Pallet Flow Rollers with Indirect Mount Speed Controllers


Pallet Flow Brake Assembly - Mallard Manufacturing

  • Prevent pallets from surfing on galvanized rollers
  • Maintain safe pallet speed
  • Track centered down the lane
  • Deliver long-term results


  • Works with indirect mount speed controllers mounted on full roller pallet flow
  • Ideal for plastic pallets & pallets with limited bottom surface area
  • Pallet load weights up to 2000#

Visit our Ultra-Grip rollers for full-roller pallet flow webpage to learn more and be sure to Contact the Mallard gravity flow experts for system design ideas and a quote.