Pallet Flow Rack Design - Mallard Manufacturing

There are a lot of reasons why suppliers choose plastic pallets. Among the attributes, they are recyclable, lighter weight than wood, washdown & food compliant, don’t splinter, and there are no nails. They are a great resource and our Engineering Testing Lab sees them regularly to test in new pallet flow system designs. Testing is important with plastic pallets because there are so many pallet designs to work with and plastic can surf over the surface of pallet flow rack if not properly configured.

Creating the Pallet Flow Lane

Admittedly this test was a bit unusual. Typically, our test pallets are loaded with inventory, but for this test, the pallets are the inventory. That’s right, huge stacks of plastic pallets reaching nearly 9’ high.

Pallet flow is a smart solution for storing and securing empty pallets until they are needed for inventory or discharged to storage or rental return. Pallet flow can store a lot of pallets in a condensed space where they are quickly available if needed and kept safe from accidental warehouse equipment strikes.

Full roller pallet flow is often the best system type for plastic pallets. It ensures good contact with the bottom of the pallet and with the addition of indirect-mount speed controllers, the pallets flow controlled and centered within the lane and do not surf over the rollers.

Pallet Flow Rack Design - Mallard ManufacturingPallet Flow Lane Design

The Mallard engineers tested two different plastic pallets for this customer. They were similar in size and structure and so one pallet flow rack design was all that was needed. The pallets were stable when stacked… even 19 pallets high. They showed little movement while flowing down the lane and restarted without plugging when the discharge aisle stack was removed.

Pallet Specs

  • Size: 48” x 40” – picture frame design with cross runners.
  • Stacked 105” high
  • Loaded weight: 855 lbs.
  • Results: Pallets flow well, do not get hung up in the lane.

These pallets will be ready for their next use for a long time to come with the simple use of dedicated pallet flow lanes. If you have an inventory challenge… or a pallet challenge, give the Mallard team a call. We can offer a variety of cost-effective, smart warehousing solutions to help you keep things moving.