Flex Separator for Pallet Flow - Mallard ManufacturingFlex Separator for pallet flow has been updated and improved to meet a greater variety of customer warehouse challenges. Flex separator is installed in floor-mounted pallet flow to optimize high-volume case picking. The deep-lane configuration stores a ready-reserve of 4-8 pallets deep thus the role of the pallet separator is crucial in removing the potential danger of back pressure in the lane.

Back pressure in a pallet flow lane is derived from the force of the rear pallets pressing down on the front pick-face pallet. In a lane with 3 or more pallets behind the front pallet the back pressure can really add up making empty pallet removal very difficult and potentially dangerous. Additionally, without the pallet separator, rear pallets can get hung up on the back of the front pallet. The flex separator completely removes any potential stress or danger by isolating the front pallet and holding the rear pallets back to provide a small break between.

To calculate the potential back pressure, multiply 6% of the pallet load weight times the number of rear pallets. As an example:

6-deep pallet flow system with 2,000 lb. loaded pallet weight

Back pressure = .06 x 2,000 lbs. x 5 pallets = 600 lbs.

Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow with the Flex Separator

Case picking from floor-mounted pallet flow is fast and ergonomic and the flex separator enhances the operation to improve warehouse safety and efficiency.


  • Dangerous back pressure removed from deep-lane, floor-mounted pallet flow
  • Empty pallets pull from the lane easily and safely
  • Rear pallets easily released with foot-operated pedal
  • Ready reserve storage 4-8 pallets deep
  • Compatible with any Mallard wheeled and roller pallet flow systems
  • Rear pallets release with foot-operated pedal

 What’s New?

Flex Separator for Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing
Flex Separator FS 200

Flex Separator FL Series:

  • FS 200 ideal to all standard, GMA-style pallets
  • FS 201 suited for non-GMA-style & plastic pallets
  • FS 202 best used for heavy load weights

FS 200 – for all standard GMA-style pallets and pallets with cross boards

  • Works with pallet depths of 32″ – 48″
  • All pallets must be the same depth
  • Pallet lane requires a separation of 12” between 1st & 2nd pallets
  • Installs alongside center rail in a 3-rail wheeled system
Flex Separator for Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing
Flex Separator FS 201

NEW FS 201 – bring on the non-GMA-style & plastic pallets

  • In full-roller applications, the lane transitions to 3-rail split-roller to accommodate the separator
  • Use with pallet depths from 32″ – 48″
  • Pallets in the lane must be the same depth
  • Allow for a 12″ gap between the 1st & 2nd pallets

NEW FS 202 – built extra tough for heavy case picking applications

  • Heavy-duty separator installed right within the center rail
  • Perfect for the demands of beverage case fulfillment
  • Works with pallet depths from 32″ – 60″
  • Pallets must be consistent depth within the lane
  • Short pallets require an integral brake for proper operation

Improve Warehouse Safety & Operational Efficiency in One Swift Pick

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