Brochure thumnailStreamlined and efficient; that’s how you like your warehouse operations and that’s how we like our communications to you, our customers. On that note, we’re excited to tell you about our new brochure focusing on an important pallet flow rack product category… Pallet Flow Separators.

Pallet separators play a crucial role in gravity flow systems. Simply put, pallet flow lanes accommodate thousands of pounds of material. The pressure of the rear pallets, what we refer to as “back pressure” places a strain on the front pallet and possibly a safety hazard as the front pallet is removed. The Mallard Engineering Team has developed several unique pallet separator products to relieve back pressure in our gravity flow systems, increasing both safety and reliability.

Our new brochure and dedicated web pages, photos and illustrations provide an overview of our 7 different types of pallet separators and the application benefits of each. Over the next few weeks we will detail each category in a blog to provide additional product specifications to help you find the best fit solution for your storage and pick applications.







 Mallard Pallet Separator Product Options: 

  • Case-Pick Separator (CP-100 Series) — Holds rear pallets back 4”-6” from the pick face. Foot-operated release
  • Flex Separator (FS-200 Series) — Added safety for deeper lane, floor level, case-pick operations
  • Forklift Separator (FL-300 Series) — Automatic pallet release engages when forklift removes front pallet
  • Layer Pick Separator (LP-400 Series) — Separates front pallet until all cases are selected and empty pallet removed
  • Ergo Cell Pneumatic Separator (PS-500 Series) — Isolate last pallet for boost to lift table or mobile cart via pneumatic controls
  • Dual Pallet Separator (DP-600 Series) — Two separators strategically placed in deep-lane system for added safety
  • Empty Pallet Return (EPR-700 Series) — Effective, ergonomic way to manage empty pallets and increase productivity

Check out our new brochure on our website under the Resources tab… or just click here:

Pallet Flow Separator Brochure.

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