Mallard’s Ergo Cell is a pneumatic-controlled pallet separator used in pallet flow lanes for ergonomic case picking. The Ergo Cell separator holds back the rear pallets in the flow lane so that the pallet can be safely elevated on a lift table. Lift tables create an ideal pick height limiting range of motion stresses for workers.

Ergo Cell Wireless Controller

Ergo Cell Pallet Separator Benefits

    • Ergonomic case picking
    • Eliminates rear pallet back pressure
    • Isolates empty pallet for easy removal
    • Protects workers from repetitive injuries
    • Includes fail-safe pneumatic controls
    • Pop-up controls hold 2-5 rear pallets (3-6 deep)
    • Choose from a stationary or wireless activation controller!

Typically, a control box adjacent to the pallet flow lane triggers the pneumatic pop-up devices. With our new wireless control box, a forklift operator or order picker can use the remote control to trigger the separator from inside the forklift cab or another location within the warehouse.

Watch how simple it is to transform your case picking operation with the Ergo Cell Wireless Controller.

The Ergo Cell hold-back devices are activated when the worker pushes a button. At that point, a set of pop-up pallet separators drop down and allow the front pallet to flow onto the lift table. At the same time, a set of pop-up separators positioned behind the first pallet rise to hold back the rear pallets. The Ergo Cell is also equipped with a timer that releases the rear pallets to flow forward once the front pallet is positioned onto the lift table.

Ergo Cell is a proprietary technology developed by Mallard Manufacturing for high-volume case picking from pallets. It is an important safety and productivity feature for your order fulfillment operation, particularly where cartons are heavy and/or cumbersome.

What About Pallet Building with Ergo Cell Pallet Separators?

Ergo Cell Pallet Separator - Mallard Manufacturing

Could you use a more productive and ergonomic solution for pallet building? Again, Ergo Cell-equipped pallet flow lanes are a perfect answer! In this configuration, the pallet separator is positioned at the load end of the lane vs the discharge end used in carton picking. The empty pallet is placed in the lane and the separators ensure it remains there until your worker releases it to flow down the lane. The pop-up cylinder automatically resets so that a new pallet can be placed in the lane for loading.

It’s safe, fast, and efficient pallet building all with the push of a button.

The Power is in Your Hands

Our new wireless controlled application for Ergo Cell is another example of the Mallard’s team drive to provide exceptional solutions to our customers. Whether we are supplying gravity flow tools for warehousing and distribution centers or manufacturing facilities, each customer’s set up is unique. Our team will work with you to optimize your order picking, pallet loading, and inventory storage applications to help you reach your operational goals. Just give our gravity flow rack experts a call today and let’s put the power of gravity to work for you.