Magnum Wheel Mallard ManufacturingWe’ve often shared the benefits and numerous application options of Mallard’s Magnum Wheel pallet flow, captured in test videos, photos, illustrations and blogs, but our new animated video does and says it all…  in about one minute!

Take a look and watch Magnum in action, used in conjunction with a variety of pallet flow rack accessories, including speed controllers, entry guides and ramp stops, working together to provide easy, efficient loading, pallet flow and tracking and the safe system use that we always talk about.

Why Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Rack?

Magnum Wheel Mallard manufacturingWe’re glad you asked.  Magnum wheel is a highly effective pallet flow racking option for customers particularly in tough warehouse environments such as: food processing, grocery, cold storage, heavy manufacturing and automotive.  Magnum wheels are made from extremely rugged, reinforced resin that holds up under harsh conditions without splitting or cracking, saving you hefty replacement costs and pallet racking system downtime.  In addition, Magnum wheel has almost double the wheel capacity compared to competitive polycarbonate-based wheels for better tracking of heavy or difficult pallet loads. Robust bearings complete the design of this unique product increasing the lifespan of the wheeled tracks.

We are so confident in the superior strength and durability of the Magnum wheel pallet flow that it comes with a Lifetime Abuse Warranty… and That’s why Magnum Wheel!


  • Most durable pallet flow wheel available
  • Ideal for heavy loads over 3,000#
  • Best choice for freezer applications
  • Lifetime damage warranty!

Magnum Wheel System Accessories:

  • Entry Guides provide visual alignment of lane and pallet for faster replenishment by the forklift operator… particularly critical at higher elevations. Entry guides are easy to install and can be either top-mounted on the pallet flow lane itself or rack mounted depending on the application.
  • Speed Controllers ensure that products travel safely down the lane at a controlled, steady speed. Four different speed controller designs are available to meet the needs of new or existing pallet flow systems.
  • Bolt-on Ramp Stops gently stop heavy pallets as they arrive at the pick face. Bolt-on design allows for quick replacement, should the stop get damaged, without having to replace the entire rail.

Could you benefit from a long-life, easy to install and maintain, efficient, warehouse workhorse?  Magnum is its name.  Give us a call and we can talk about your project and your budget to see how we can provide you with the very best gravity flow solution.

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