Pallet Flow Separator Blog Series Part 3

Pallet flow racking is all about maximizing the workflow and keeping picking positions stocked.  Any of the Mallard palletFL300-1 flow lane configurations will accomplish those tasks, but we go one step further to ensure the safety of your warehouse personnel, equipment and valuable product. Our complete line of pallet separators works in conjunction with our pallet flow systems to safeguard your valuable resources.

The Mallard Forklift Separator FL-300 is designed specifically for deep-lane, multi-level pallet flow configurations.  Like our other pallet separators, the FL-300 is designed to hold back rear pallets from exerting force on the front pallet so as to allow for simple extraction of the front pallet once emptied.  The forklift separator is triggered to release once the front pallet is lifted out of place by the forklift.  The rear pallets then gently glide forward one position so the pick-face is restocked but the rear pallets again are held a safe distance back to provide the needed relief from back pressure.  Isolating the front pallet and removing rear pallet forces is even more critical at higher elevations where forklift mast capacity is reduced.

FL300-3FL-300 Series Advantages

  • Increases productivity by allowing easier forklift/pallet handling
  • Improves forklift and operator safety by eliminating rear forces
  • Designed for deep-lane, multi-level pallet flow systems
  • Ideal for systems up to 10-deep
  • Can be used with all track types – wheel and roller
  • Automatic separator reset

FL-300 Series Considerations

  • Requires an additional 12” to lane depth

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To see the full line of Mallard engineered pallet separator products download our new Pallet Flow Separator Brochure or check out the Resources page on our website – Mallard Pallet Separator Product Options.


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