The future of transportation is in these pallets… whether aerospace or automotive, the Mallard team supports progress, so we were happy to accept this recent warehouse storage challenge.

Split-Rail Pallet Flow Mallard Manufacturing

A global manufacturer challenged our in-house Testing Lab engineers to design a 9-deep pallet flow lane to help optimize the warehousing of this important, yet, very heavy cargo. Ultimately, several creative, custom lane applications were added to our reliable split-rail roller pallet flow rack to ensure safe, efficient and consistent inventory flow.

Mallard Custom Pallet Flow Lane Configuration
Full Length Pallet Runners

System Design:

  • 3-rail roller pallet flow system
  • 9-deep pallet flow lane
  • Custom full-length rail guides (mounted inside of each outer rail)
  • Custom entry guides (mounted on either side of center rail)
  • Welded Ramp Stops
  • Drop-In Speed Controllers (paired on outer rails)
  • Mild Pitch 3/8”
  • Loads Weights 3000 – 3200 lbs. (5000 lb. pallets tested previously)

A Good Foundation

As with any successful project, you need a good foundation. The customer supplied good, sturdy pallets with full-length bottom runners for us to use in the test. The Mallard engineers designed the pallet flow lane to match.

Three rails of 4” wide rollers are the base for the lane. The outside rails received drop-in speed controllers at specific intervals to ensure each pallet was in contact with a speed controller for the length of the lane.

As the test video shows, the weighty pallets flowed consistently and without hang up down the long test lane. They tracked evenly as well.

Mallard Custom Pallet Flow Lane GuidesThe Finished Product

Once the application was installed in the field, the Mallard team added custom lane dividers and entry guides to ensure safe and consistent pallet tracking day in and day out. Full-length lane dividers were installed on the inside of the outer rails to provide a guidance to the full-length pallet runners. And, not to be left out, the center pallet flow rail received custom entry guides on either side of it to assist the forklift driver in placing the pallet squarely in the center of the lane.

What is your inventory? How does it challenge your processing time, costs and staffing needs? Let the Mallard team take a look and see if we can flow some needed support your way.

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