Pallet Flow Rack Splicing Installation - Mallard Manufacturing

Thanks for all the great feedback on our deep-lane pallet flow rail design and splicing kit! We’ve heard from so many material handling systems dealers, installers and warehouse managers about the ease of installation and economy of our deep lane pallet flow that we just had to share the good news.

What is the benefit of the Mallard 20’ pallet flow rail lengths vs typical 10’ lengths?

It is obvious that the Mallard pallet flow rails are shipped twice as long and therefore fewer rails are required during installation than with typical 10’ rails. Fewer materials are a good thing; however, the benefits go deeper than just fewer materials needed. There is a significant labor savings and overall faster installation with the longer rails, plus our splicing kit couldn’t be simpler to install.

Pallet Flow Rack Splicing Installation - Mallard ManufacturingTo show how easy it is to splice Mallard pallet flow rails, we’ve created an instruction splicing kit video to ensure success and installation accuracy every time. Here take a look:

Mallard 20’ Pallet Flow Rails Advantages

  • Longer tracks for deeper lane, high-density systems means less splicing in the field
  • Competitive materials pricing
  • Reduced labor/installation costs
  • Simple, secure splicing technique

As with all of our products, the pallet flow splicing kits are extensively tested in our in-house testing lab to ensure the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from Mallard. The longer rails are available for our Magnum and wheeled pallet flow rack. The splicing kits are compatible with our wheeled and roller pallet flow systems.  Call our gravity flow specialists to identify the appropriate pallet flow system design for your storage and inventory needs.