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Pallet Flow Ultra-Grip Rollers with Indirect Mount Speed Controller

Full roller pallet flow is a highly-efficient, multi-purpose material handling solution offering deep-reserve pallet storage and an easy to access, automatically replenished pick face. Full roller is often the chosen pallet flow configuration for warehouse operations that need to accommodate pallets of varying sizes and weights while relying on a single flow configuration.

Where there is a need to control plastic and other non-GMA style wood or composite pallets from “surfing” over the galvanized rollers in the flow lane, Mallard’s Ultra-Grip Rollers can be added to the lane design. They mount seamlessly within the full roller pallet flow lane and provide the required speed and tracking control. Beneath the Ultra-Grip Rollers indirect mount speed controllers can also be installed. Both the Ultra-Grip Roller and the indirect mount speed controllers are rubber coated which helps the two mechanisms work together to slow and control heavy pallets with slick-bottom surfaces.

Faster, Easier System Installation

Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard Manufacturing
Indirect Mount Speed Controller

For applications where indirect speed controllers are specified, we’ve developed a new mounting system that makes it easy to secure them into place while in the field.

Benefits of New Indirect Mount Speed Controller Mounting Bracket

  • Easy to install on-site
  • Perfect, secure alignment between Ultra-Grip Rollers
  • No tools needed
  • Mounting clips included

To show you how easy the new indirect speed controller mounting bracket is to secure into place… we’ve made an installation video! The video shows the indirect speed controller arrives on-site already mounted in a bracket. The bracket is positioned under the Ultra-Grip Rollers and then mounted to the side rails with easy-to-secure clips.

Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard Manufacturing
Step-by-step installation video

The quantity and spacing of Ultra-Grip Rollers and indirect mount speed controller combinations within the full roller flow system will depend on pallet type, weight, and slope of the system. We recommend having your system design tested in our in-house engineering testing lab to ensure the most effective system configuration for your specific inventory needs.

Contact the Mallard team today to learn more about how full roller pallet flow can better utilize warehouse space, optimize travel time for put away and pallet retrieval and improve order-fulfillment productivity.