Loading a pallet flow lane, like any other warehouse pallet rack system is a step by step process. Forklift operators complete this task quickly and efficiently, day in and day out. However, with the uptick in reliance on automated warehouse vehicles like AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and turret trucks the Mallard team is identifying an important safety concern regarding pallet flow lane loading from this type of equipment.

Pallet Flow Loading - Mallard Manufacturing
Adjust your pallet flow lane design for AGV and turret truck interface.

The pitch of the pallet flow lane is what enables gravity to take over and flow the pallet down the lane. However, the pitch requires that the forklift driver carefully tilt the forks to be able to securely deposit the pallet into the lane. Without a tilt feature AGVs and turret trucks risk pulling out of the lane with the pallet load still attached to the forks causing a considerable safety concern.

The Simple Catch — Scraper Plates

Thankfully, the remedy is rather simple. It’s a pallet flow accessory called a scraper plate. The scraper plate is installed at the charge side of the pallet flow system and allows the pallet to be safely deposited into the lane by effectively catching the pallet as the vehicle backs away. The scraper plate helps transition the pallet from the vehicle into the pallet flow rack.

Pallet Flow Loading from AGV or Turret Truck

  1. Pull a vehicle up to the rack as close as the rollers allow
  2. Place the pallet into the lane
  3. Slowly back the vehicle away

As the vehicle backs away, the scraper plate catches the pallet securing it into the lane and with a little help from gravity, the pallet then flows to the discharge aisle.

There are several scraper plate configurations to best suit the needs of your pallet flow system.

Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard Manufacturing

Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard Manufacturing


The Mallard team is available to discuss your gravity flow needs and system design considerations. If you are considering equipping your facility with AGVs and turret trucks for narrow and very narrow aisle pallet storage please Contact Us. Our team can design your new pallet flow system or reconfigure your existing system to suit the needs of your new equipment.

If you are interested in learning more about proper pallet loading for pallet flow from a standard forklift, check out our How To blog for tips and advice: Loading a Pallet Flow Rack System.