Specially-Equipped Pallet Flow Rack Boosts Pallet Building and Simplifies Storage and Processing

Pallet building can be required at different stages of inventory life. Freshly processed and manufactured goods are often palletized for storage and distribution. Also, custom pallets of goods are created for order fulfillment. Either way, the Mallard team has a way to put a spring into your operation and improve operational efficiency. A pallet flow lane equipped with a hold-back device and spring-loaded pallet release is the game-changer.

The concept begins with a pallet flow lane. Wheeled or split-roller pallet flow can be used, and a hold-back device is installed beside the center lane. The pallet is locked into place at the charge-side of the lane where it can be loaded and then with a simple push the release is triggered to allow the pallet to flow to the discharge side and be picked from the lane.

Here’s a video demonstration of how well the process works:

Sample Pallet

This demonstration video is from our in-house Engineering Testing Lab where the Mallard team develops new products and processes to improve warehouse function. Additionally, the team tests pallet and carton flow system configurations with customer-supplied product and pallets to ensure they will work optimally in the field. This test involved two different pallets. The first is a mini pallet, the second a larger oversized pallet. With non-standard pallets, it’s always best to test the lane before finalizing the order.

Pallet Building Pallet Flow Rack Design

Test 1 – Mini pallet 32”w x 24”d
  • 3-rail split-roller, flanged wheel pallet flow
  • Wheel diameter – 1.9″
  • Wheel centers – 3″
  • Drop-in speed controllers
  • Lane pitch 1/4″ per ft
  • Pallet load weight 400-600
Test 2 – Large Pallet 66”w x 24”d
  • 3-rail wheeled pallet flow
  • Wheel diameter – 2.9″
  • Wheel centers – 3”/4”/3”
  • Drop-in speed controllers
  • Lane pitch 1/4″ per ft
  • Pallet load weight 720 – 1200

And the Results Are In

Pallet Flow Brake - Mallard Manufacturing
Drop-In Speed Controller for Pallet Flow

After the flow tests were completed with both pallets and at a range of load weights, the pallet flow lane configuration was confirmed. The mini pallet flowed well on the split-roller pallet flow equipped with flanged rollers that helped keep the pallet centered in the lane. The larger pallets flowed well in the very durable Magnum wheeled pallet flow lane.

The drop-in speed controllers were equally effective for the range of pallet weights in maintaining the pallet speed as it traveled down lane.

The spring-loaded pallet release worked very well with both lane configurations to keep the pallet in position during loading. It was easily operated by hand to quickly release the pallet down the lane. The release can also be triggered by foot for a floor-mounted pallet flow lane.

Put a Spring into Your Operation

Could your operation benefit from a more efficient way to build and process palletized inventory? Give the Mallard team a call and let’s look at the possibilities… you never know what creative solutions will spring up!