Ergo Cell Pallet Separator with Lift table

The Mallard Ergo Cell technology combines pallet flow rack, pneumatic pallet separators and a hydraulic lift table into one ergonomic full or split case-picking system that masters efficiency and safety.

Ergo Cell pallet separators are installed in a pallet flow lane equipped with a lift table at the pick aisle. As the pallets flow from load end to pick aisle, the lift table position is filled. The Ergo Cell isolates the front pallet on the lift table by triggering two sets of pop-up pallet separators to engage and hold back the rear pallets. The front pallet is now free from the back-pressure weight of the rear pallets. This pallet can now be easily raised using the foot-operated hydraulic controls to a comfortable (GOLDEN ZONE) order-picking height. With the pallet in this position, picking efficiency is increased and the likelihood of repetitive-movement injuries are diminished.

Once the front pallet is empty, the lift table is lowered with the same foot operated device used to raise the table. The empty pallet is now easy to remove. The worker then presses the release button on the control panel to lower the separators and allow the pallets to flow down the lane. The lift table is automatically replenished, and the process starts all over again.

Ergo Cell is a proprietary technology developed by Mallard engineers for high volume, case-picking from pallet flow racking. Ideal for heavier cases used in beverage, auto parts, hardware, equipment, and more, where orders often contain full cartons of a few different SKUs and the product is heavy or cumbersome.

Ergo Cell Pallet Separator for Pallet FlowErgo Cell Advantages:

  • Ergonomic picking / increased efficiency
  • Decreased repetitive injury claims
  • Economical solution vs. powered conveyor
  • Technology ensures one pallet at a time occupies lift table
  • Fail-safe pneumatic controls
  • Automatic pick face replenishment
  • Designed for full or split-case picking operations

But you may be thinking, hey I don’t need a lift table… well, pallet flow equipped with Ergo Cell pallet separators may still be your solution, here’s why…

Heavy rear pallets will apply back pressure to a pick-aisle pallet. Pallet separators are designed to remove that pressure, but most are triggered with a foot release… if you don’t have a foot available, e.g. if you need to release pallets while in a forklift, the Ergo Cell is your answer. The control panel can be designed so that the pneumatic, pop-up separators are lowered by the driver from inside the forklift.

Ergo Cell Pallet Flow SeparatorThe video to the left is a great example of Ergo Cell & pallet flow rack working together to improve storage and retrieval of very heavy materials. If you haven’t checked out this custom system configuration before, now is a great time to give it a look. Each pallet weighed in at 2500 lbs. The pallet flow rack is 12-deep and 3 levels high. The pneumatic separator control panel is custom designed to handle each rack level independently and be driver controlled.

Safe & efficient is money in the bank when you’re talking warehousing operations. Save your workers, your inventory and your profit margin from inefficient, inferior racking solutions. Give the gravity flow experts a call and we’ll see if we’ve got a gravity flow solution that can provide measurable benefits to your operations.

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