Growth in the frozen food sector is predicted to continue rising with the aging of millennials. What that means for the distribution sector is even more SKUs in an often already tight, expensive and challenging to manage space. Pallet flow rack is adaptable to the harsh freezer conditions and a productivity winner when it comes to efficient inventory flow. Take a look at this example… there are many cost-savings and productivity boosters in just this one pallet flow test.

Pallet Flow Freezer Storage - Mallard ManufacturingPallet Flow Test Criteria

  • 1150-1890 lbs. per pallet
  • Cartons contain frozen juice packaging
  • Captive sheet pallets 1 ½” thick doubled-up plywood

Lane Design

  • 3-rail Magnum wheel pallet flow
  • Drop-in speed controllers
  • Flex separator for pallet flow
  • Bolt-on ramp stops

Pallet Flow Test

Although you’ll see 3-rail industry equivalent (IE) polycarbonate wheel pallet flow used in the video for testing purposes, Mallard always recommends its heavy-duty Magnum wheel pallet flow for freezer applications. Magnum wheel pallet flow rack is the industry’s most durable pallet flow wheel and will hold up best to the daily use and harsh conditions of the warehouse freezer.

Flex Pallet Separator - Mallard Manufacturing
Flex Separator for Pallet Flow

Since the pallets are over 1000 lbs. each, we added drop-in speed controllers to the lane to ensure safe, controlled pallet speeds and to keep the pallets centered so that they arrive squared with the pick face for faster, easier removal. We also added our flex pallet separator to isolate the front pallet from the rear pallets and remove the dangerous back pressure of them bearing down upon it. The pallet separator serves as a safety feature for personnel, equipment and inventory by allowing the pressure-free removal of the pallet from the lane. The rear pallets are triggered to automatically advance forward once the front pallet is removed. Simple, yet so effective and productivity plus safety enhancing.

At the end of the lane, we added bolt-on ramp stops to stop the pallet and hold it in position until removed by the forklift. Our bolt-on design allows for the stop to be replaced quickly and without having to replace the entire rail should it become damaged while in use. Once again, saving time, money and improving productivity. That said, our ramp stops are manufactured using heavy-duty, 8-gauge steel to withstand daily use in harsh conditions over time.

Pallet Flow Solutions for Freezer Storage - Mallard Manufacturing
Flat-Bottomed Captive Pallet

The pallet flow test was conducted using customer-supplied pallets and inventory. As you can see, the flat-bottomed, captive pallet has full surface contact area in the pallet flow lane which provides consistent, reliable flow. We recommend either full surface contact as in this test or GMA-style pallets in good condition. The better the contact with the wheels or rollers in the flow lane, the better the productivity.

This test is clearly a success and this pallet flow lane configuration will provide the effective solution the customer is seeking.

If you are looking for freezer and cold storage optimization let the Mallard gravity flow experts take a look at your operation, inventory and goals. We have a long history of success in these challenging climates and will prove out any system design prior to ordering in our in-house testing lab. Customers receive a full test report, video and optimization recommendations with each customized test.

Give us a call today and let’s get started meeting your productivity needs.