push-back pallet flow Push-back Pallet Flow Rack saves warehouse floor space that would otherwise be dedicated to a load aisle.  In this system design, a single aisle is used for both loading and unloading just like a traditional push-back rack system… but the advantages of using pallet flow (vs. traditional cart systems) are an ability to better control the flow of product and the flexibility to handle pallets of varying sizes within a standard lane. In addition, Mallard’s pallet flow racking is designed to use less vertical space for multiple deep applications up to 12 lanes deep.  Push-back pallet flow is dedicated to a LIFO product rotation unlike traditional pallet flow.

A recent customer test (video below) provides a simple, yet excellent example of the efficiency of push-back pallet flow racking.

Advantages of Push-Back Pallet Flow Racking: 

  • Supports Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) storage
  • 90% more storage capacity vs. selective rack
  • Stores multiple SKUs and pallet types in the same lane
  • Stores up to 12 pallets deep in a lane vs. 5-6 deep using traditional push-back cart system
  • Easily converts to pallet flow
  • Promotes selectivity for faster pick rates

The Test:

Light to moderate loads were tested on 30’ of full-roller pallet flow rack at a ½” per foot pitch. That’s upwards of 6 pallets deep for those who are counting at home… and no hang-ups or lane shifting was noted.  Our customer supplied two standard-sized plastic pallets in good condition and we added 3 slave pallets to ensure a complete lane test.

As you will see from the video the only slight notation that was noted by the test engineers was that the rear pallet can catch on any overhang of the front pallet and cause the two to jam slightly. Fully loading the pallet will prevent such hang ups and ensure a smooth transition from the lane.

Test Parameters:

  • push-back pallet flow video testFull Roller Pallet Flow – Push-back system
  • Wheel Diameter 1.9”
  • Wheel Centers 3”
  • Load Weighs: 110 lbs./570 lbs.
  • Pallets: Plastic, 40’x48” good condition

Test Results:

  • Pallets tested well on full-roller push-back system
  • 3” centers work well with test pallets
  • Pallets indexed well to discharge end of the lane
  • Overhang on pallets can cause some issues in getting pallet out of lane without damaging next pallet in the lane

Are you thinking of dedicating a section of your racking system to push-back rack?  Let us review your product flow and inventory needs and see if push-back pallet flow would make more sense for your storage and fulfillment goals.

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