About a year ago we designed a pallet flow system for a customer who had 21 different pallets with a wide range of inventory weights, from 500 – 1100 lbs. It was a challenge, but our engineering team came through and the customer’s request was satisfied. We even blogged about the complicated test and successful outcome. Recently, a follow-up call with the customer revealed that their pallet criteria and inventory weights could be changing… but, would their current pallet flow rack design efficiently accommodate the new inventory?

This is not the first time our team has fielded this question and our answer is almost always the same… let’s test it and make sure that the existing flow lane configuration is still the best system design for their application. There are many adjustments that can be made and/or accessories added to existing systems to maintain flow optimization despite inventory changes. So our in-house engineering team did a retest…

Pallet Flow Rack Test - Mallard ManufacturingExisting Pallet Flow System Design:

New Criteria:

  • Pallet weights <250 lbs.
  • Pallets with 2 bottom boards

In the original test, 6 of the 21 pallets examined were similar to these new pallets with only 2 bottom boards. Our recommendation at that time was to add more boards to achieve optimal flow; however, given the new lighter inventory weights we wanted to test them again in the pallet flow lane to see if that recommendation was still necessary.

The Results:

  • Palletized inventory <250 lbs. – good to go
  • Palletized inventory >250 lbs. – recommend adding additional bottom boards to prevent deflection

The test showed positive results for weights under 250 lbs. using the pallets with 2 boards, however we again cautioned that heavier inventory might cause the pallets to deflect and cause hang-ups in the lane.

Our customer is now equipped with the information that they need to make the best decision for their inventory and workflow. If your inventory has changed since your pallet flow system was installed, give us a call. We can discuss the changes and schedule a test in our facility or yours to confirm that the system still meets your expectations. It’s all part of our customer satisfaction goal outlined in our Simple Promises –

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