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Large metal pallets are used to store long rolls of material for an industrial supply company. While metal pallets are typically a good candidate for roller pallet flow rack, they can also be a candidate for pallet surfing… and not in the “fun in the sun” kind of way. Pallet surfing or skidding over the rollers can lead to an unsafe and inefficient work situation. Watch how the Mallard team breaks down the pallet conditions to build the best pallet flow lane application for metal pallets.

How Pallet Characteristics Effect Pallet Flow

Metal Pallets

  • Dimension – 44”w x 64”d
  • Load weights – 2000 – 2200 lbs.
  • 3 steel bottom runners

Metal Pallet Bottom Showing Direction of Flow

Looking at the pallet to determine the best pallet flow application always begins upside down. The bottom of the pallet will dictate the lane type most effectively.  In this case, our customer’s pallets have 3 steel runners about 3/8” thickness along the bottom. By using split-roller pallet flow vs full-roller, we can match each runner with a rail of pallet flow to get an ideal connection between the two.

Drop-In Speed Controller

Pallet Flow Lane Design

  • 3-rail split roller pallet flow
  • 9” diameter rollers on 3” centers
  • Drop-in speed controllers positioned in outer rails
  • Pitch – 7/16 per foot
  • Bolt-on ramp stops

A pair of drop-in speed controllers are added to the outside rails at 56” intervals to ensure that each pallet is always in contact with the rubber-surfaced controllers to prevent surfing.

The load weights of the pallets are up and over 2000 lbs. each, so the lane pitch is set at 7/16” per foot to ensure a gentle, gradual flow down the lane. Ramp stops at the pick (discharge) side of the aisle secure the pallet in the lane until removed by the forklift.

Pallet Flow Test Results

In reviewing the four loaded pallets we did not experience any hang-ups, even though we tried to get the pallets to hang up in the lane. They flowed consistently and controlled and that’s what we are looking for… success!

With the inventory weight evenly distributed across the pallet, the pallets will work well in this pallet flow rack system and provide an efficient means of storing rolled materials.

  • Metal pallets showed very positive results during the testing process.
  • Drop-in speed controllers on 56” intervals worked very well to keep loads under control and flow at a very safe speed.
  • Pallets make very good contact on the outer runners to the rollers resulting in reliable flow across all pallet samples.
  • These pallets are a good candidate for this gravity flow system.

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