SuperSackSuper sacks are the extra-large and durable bags used to store a variety of dry bulk materials – everything from plastic pellets, powders and pharmaceutical fillers to food ingredients.  Capable of holding as much as 2,500 lbs., these mega bags are increasingly more popular in raw materials storage areas, production staging and packaging lines.  Manufacturers and distributors have realized that the flexible, lightweight and reusable super sacks can help them optimize space and reduce packaging materials and costs.

Although extremely convenient and affordable, super sacks also come with some storage challenges, including the fact that they are virtually impossible to bulk stack even with the support of a pallet underneath.  By virtue of the types of products stored, operators typically need a dense storage solution.  Selective rack can help by using available vertical space, but requires an extensive amount of room to accommodate aisles between each row. Drive-in or push-back can supply the needed density, but can’t provide first-in first, out (FIFO) inventory rotation, essential for many raw materials and food items.


Super Sack on Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow

Mallard pallet flow, on the other hand, meets ALL requirements for efficient, super-sack storage; providing highly durable, dense, space-saving sack storage while maintaining FIFO organization.  In this growth area, Mallard has completed a large number of projects for various industries including dry bulk good suppliers, chemical and pharmaceutical processors, food processors and building suppliers.

Pallet Flow Super Sack Design Considerations:

  1. Make sure the pallet is large enough to support the full size and weight of the loaded sack with no overhang.
  2. Ensure full pallet-to-pallet contact for proper flow.  Load-to-load contact might interfere with proper flow due to fluidity of the load.
  3. Add additional flow rails to support super sack pallets. Since the material in the sacks is usually quite fluid, weight often shifts more to one side or another, creating unequal weight distribution.  This can, at times affect the flow of the pallet.  To prevent this, add an extra flow rail to provide greater support.
  4. When using lift adapters for the bag straps, ensure sufficient vertical space is allowed above the top of the sack.

Super Sack Applications:

  • Raw goods bulk material storage
  • Production or in-process storage
  • Packaging lines

Watch Super Sack Pallet Flow at Work

Watch Super Sack Pallet Flow in Action

Materials Stored:

  • Plastics
  • Powders
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical fillers
  • Raw food products
    • Grains
    • Cereals
    • Spices

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