Mallard pallet flow rack order envelopeWhen you purchase a pallet flow, carton flow or gravity conveyor system from Mallard Manufacturing, special care is given to more than the design and manufacturing of the system and components. The signature White Envelope that accompanies each Mallard order contains the “fingerprints”, if you will, for your entire system.

White Envelope Contents:

  • General installation instructions
  • Specific engineered project installation details
  • Job number for future system maintenance
  • Important dealer & Mallard contact numbers

These important documents are shipped with your freighted materials to not only assist in installation, but to provide necessary system information for future maintenance and system add-ons or improvements.

As you can see from the images above and below, the envelope for each shipment is marked with the Mallard order number (work number). That number will help to accurately identify additional components in the future. The white envelope is even placed in a prominent position with the shipment. For example, in the image below, the white envelope is secured to the hardware skid and or mounting bracket skid. As part of Mallard’s Total Quality Management Program, the skid with the white envelope is placed in the truck so that it is the first unloaded when the door is opened.

Mallard Pallet Flow Rack - Loaded Pallets

You may be thinking…  Do we get these files electronically? The answer is yes, in part. Dealers and customers receive project specific drawings electronically as their formal approval for each order. While those electronic files are a great source of information, the white envelope contains the printed drawings along with installation and system component documentation to provide a complete record all in one place. On the drawings you will also find the title block that includes the original dealer’s name and important Mallard contact numbers for any necessary follow up.

Mallard Pallet Flow Order Form

As the cold weather starts to break and the itch to clean out comes upon you, we encourage you to hang on to the white envelopes from Mallard. Having them within an easy reach will likely save time ordering pallet flow, carton flow or gravity conveyor components down the road. However, if an envelope is misplaced or original materials don’t seem to find their way back into the envelope after installation, call Mallard’s engineering team for help. We can help find drawings or details specific to your gravity flow project. As always, thank you for partnering with the Mallard team.