MAgnum Wheel Pallet Flow RackThere’s no better compliment than when an industry peer chooses your product for their own material handling facility.  When a top pallet manufacturer needed a reliable, cost-effective system in their “rebuild” stations (where they refurbish pallets) and they came to us, we were honored to help.

Magnum Wheel pallet Flow RackingEven the best, well-designed, quality pallets can fall victim to damage in busy warehouse environments.  When the pallets enter the rebuild station they are cracked, broken, splitting…the very opposite of “flowable” in a perfect setting.  The Magnum Wheel pallet flow system is designed to work even under these circumstances to allow the broken pallets to flow to the repair station for fixing and repainting.

The reinforced resin material of the Magnum wheel allows it to keep flowing smoothly with over 3000 lbs. of pressure, and the wider wheel surface with quality manufactured bearings aids in better pallet tracking and a longer lifespan for the system.

The pallet flow lanes are lag-bolted to the floor and elevated slightly using Mallard’s custom, heavy-duty stands. Unlike many other standard systems, Mallard mounting stands are designed for abuse-resistance and manufactured to your custom height specs for optimal flow.  Lanes can also be level for pallet push applications.

Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Advantages:

  • Most durable pallet flow wheel available
  • Ideal for heavy loads over 3,000#
  • Nearly twice the capacity of typical polycarbonate wheels
  • Wider tread width allows superior tracking
  • Lifetime damage warranty!

To speak to a pallet flow rack expert about your material handling needs, give us a call or email us at:

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