Offsetting Center Pallet Flow Track Provides Necessary Pallet Support

Magnum level for blog
magnum wheel 1In earlier blogs we’ve discussed non-GMA conforming pallets and the Mallard pallet flow rack applications that best serve those products.  Well, even with GMA compliant pallets, you can have issues that need to be considered to ensure the best flow conditions.

In a recent test, our lab engineers were given three GMA pallets and loads varying from 570 lbs. to 1580 lbs.  No contest really for Mallard Magnum wheel except that two of the three pallets were compromised on the bottom… one with a broken off piece and one with a splintered board.  We understand that this is fairly common in most of our customers’ busy warehouse environments.

So, what do you do to accommodate inferior pallets in your pallet flow rack design? …You Test!

broken palletTest Design:

  • 3-wheel Magnum wheels, 2.9 diameter
  • Test on both 2” and 3” centers
  • Speed controllers: drop-in brakes
  • Pitch 7/16” per foot over 30’ lane
  • Pallet weights: 570 lbs., 1570 lbs., 1580 lbs.

Watch the test for yourself!

test videoThe pallet in good condition advanced down the lane as expected, but the damaged pallets were more likely to get hung-up.  We found that by offsetting the middle pallet flow lane and adding drop-in brakes we were able to provide the necessary support and control needed to move the pallets most efficiently.  In addition, we recommend using a plugging technique when unloading the pallets… slightly pushing back before drawing the pallet forward and out of the rack.  This loosens the rear pallets and is more likely to engage the flow to fill-in the pick-face.


  • Attention to pallet condition will help ensure good flow
  • Broken pallets occasionally got hung-up in the lane
  • Suggest using plugging method when unloading from discharge end to prevent hang-ups
  • Drop-in brakes keep advancing pallets controlled during flow
  • Suggest that the middle pallet flow lane be offset to keep rollers under strongest part of the pallet… where the stringer is on bottom of pallet

Our Magnum wheel pallet flow racking is designed from top to bottom to withstand the toughest, busiest warehouse environments.  A wider surface area, robust bearings and rugged, reinforced resin material combine to make this product stand above the rest providing better pallet tracking and nearly double the wheel capacity of competitive polycarbonate-based wheels. These wheels are Guaranteed to Last!

Call our pallet flow rack experts to discuss this pallet flow test and let us find the Mallard gravity flow solution that is right for your business.

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