super-sac pallet rackEighteen hundred pounds of shrink-wrapped 4 ft. tall super sacks on deep-lane, push-back pallet flow… sure why not!  But first, as we always say – “Test it” and we stand by that for all our customers who want to ensure their pallet flow rack investment is well spent.  When a customer came to us with this interesting challenge, we asked for some product and some pallets and we went to work.

Note:  It’s important that we use the materials supplied by the customer to ensure that we get the most accurate test for your circumstances.

The Test:

Our test consisted of a three rail, staggered Magnum wheel (2.9” dia.) flow lane, 7-deep with 1/2” per foot pitch.  The pallets supplied met GMA specifications but like pallets in every warehouse, they had cracks and splits and even pieces of board missing in spots.  The product had its own challenges with loose pieces of shrink wrap draping from the bulky super sacks and an overhang of almost 3” in places.


Push-Back Pallet RackAs you can see from the video (right), we loaded the full pallets and added a few “slave” pallets to fill the lane.  We then left the pallets to sit for 48 hours to account for any settling that may occur in the warehouse.

The Results:

After sitting for a weekend, we unloaded the pallets easily with no hang-ups or shifting.  Good flow results = another successful Mallard pallet flow rack test!  However, even with a successful test, we like to come away with safeguards we can recommend to our customer to protect their pallet flow rack system.  Here are a few recommendations that we made to our customer but are good solid tips for all pallet flow users:

  • Keep debris (loose pieces of shrink wrap) clear from the flow lanes
  • Repair or recycle broken pallets before they cripple your flow lane
  • Consider adding a braking system to your deep-lane system to safeguard your product and employees

A key component in this test is the Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Rack.  The Magnum wheel is made from reinforced resin specifically designed to hold up under harsh warehouse environments without splitting or cracking.  It has a wider surface area for heavy and/or difficult pallet tracking as was the case in this test.  The Magnum wheel is backed by a Lifetime Abuse Warranty… it’s that good.

If you are interested in discussing the details of this test or if you think you have a pallet flow challenge you’d like us to test, contact the gravity flow experts today and let’s get started.


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