Keys2Another case solved for the engineering test team at Mallard!  We were asked by a leading car manufacturer if we had one pallet flow system that would work for their wide range of products and pallets in their manufacturing parts assembly areas.  No Problem… we thought.  But as the variables grew, we knew that a comprehensive “test drive” in our in-house testing lab was the only approach if we were going to find a single solution.  In this scenario, the customer receives parts on steel rack pallets of varying sizes and construction.  The pallets range in size from 52” x 48” to 48” x 32.5” and some have bars on the bottom, while others do not.  To add more requirements to the mix, they also receive product on plastic and wooden pallets.

The Test Drive:

The test was interesting, not only due to the varying product and pallet sizes, but also the varying weights of the steel rack pallets vs. the wooden and plastic.  Also, all had different types of bottom boards and surfaces that would need to flow unhindered, with the steel pallet being the most challenging having only a 2” runner around the perimeter.  We tested each using the Mallard full roller pallet flow.  As you will see from the test video, all the pallets progressed in a controlled flow on a 3/8” per foot pitch with up to 1600 lbs. of load on the 1.9” diameter rollers. Success!  After a thorough testing in our in-house lab we were able to go back to our customer with the single, best-fit design to their unique circumstances.


Full roller pallet flow, deep lane pallet flowMallard’s full roller pallet flow is our most flexible type of pallet flow system, ideal for customers with regularly changing pallet configurations.

Full Roller Advantages:

  • Most flexible type of pallet flow
  • Accommodates a variety of pallet types, sizes and footprint
  • Standard features yet customizable with 3 different size rollers and 2 axles options
  • Built to last – Manufactured with heavy duty bearings, axles, tube and side channel.

If you would like us to test your product and/or pallets in our in-house testing lab to ensure safe and efficient flow, just call Mallard’s pallet flow experts.

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