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A high-density, case-pick application with pallet flow rack is an excellent solution for low SKU, high volume order fulfillment.  It allows for case selection from the front pallet position with dense reserve storage directly behind the pick line within the pallet flow lane.  However, one of the more challenging parts of a picking operation is the streamlined and safe removal of the front pallet once emptied.  If the rear pallets are pushing forward on the front pallet it can be difficult if not potentially hazardous for both employee and product to try and remove it.  To ensure a smooth removal of the front pallet, we recommend our Case-Pick Separator for use in picking applications of 2 pallets deep or more.

Our case-pick separator is designed specifically for use in our pallet flow wheeled applications such as Magnum and skate wheel.  The operation is simple – the case-pick separator is installed on the pallet flow to hold and lock the rear pallets a comfortable 4-6” behind the front pallet.  When the front pallet is empty the employee can remove it without any “back pressure” or weight bearing down from the rear cartons.  Once the pick-face is open, a foot-operated release depresses the separator to allow the rear pallets to gently glide forward on the gravity flow lane.

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Mallard has designed several pallet separator options for a variety of pallet flow rack applications.  See the full selection here – Mallard Pallet Separator Product Options.

Pall Sep Thumbnail2At Mallard Manufacturing we offer a complete line of pallet flow and carton flow products to meet the demands of today’s busy warehouse and fulfillment centers.  Check out our new Pallet Flow Separator Brochure and our website for more information or contact a gravity flow specialist for a complimentary review of your case-pick operation.


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