Whether it’s 10,000 cases or 10,000 lbs. or both, the Mallard case-pick separator delivers the cost-effective results you need to meet your productivity goals. The newly redesigned CP 100 case-pick separator is more heavy-duty and will handle all of your case-pick inventory. Heavy bottles, cans, auto parts, frozen food, etc. the case-pick separator is the best way to deliver case picking efficiency and warehouse safety.

Case-Pick Pallet Separator - Mallard Manufacturing

Case-Pick Separator CP 100 Advantages

  • Eliminate dangerous back pressure
  • Boost case pick efficiency
  • Remove empty pallets quickly
  • Release rear pallets easily with foot pedal

The case-pick separator is installed beside the center rail in a 3-rail pallet flow lane. The separator functions to isolate the front pallet from the rear pallets. By isolating the front pallet, it is easier and safer to remove the empty pallet once the cases are picked. Without the CP 100 separator, rear pallets would butt against the front pallet adding extra pressure, called back pressure, making the pallet difficult and maybe even dangerous to remove. Without any pressure, the pallet is quickly, easily, and safely removed.

Back pressure can be calculated as: = .06 x weight/pallet x number of pallets in the lane. For example, .06 x 2500 x 3 = 450 lbs. of extra weight pressing down on the front pallet.

Once the empty pallet is removed from the lane, the worker simply releases the rear pallets to flow forward with a simple foot pedal. The CP 100 separator is capable of holding back up to 10,000 lbs. of inventory, and up to 3 pallets while still releasing with the simple foot lever.

Why pick from pallet flow lanes vs. floor stacked pallets?

Case-Pick Separator - Mallard ManufacturingPallet flow provides the perfect set-up for high-volume case picking. Cases are one-touch… the pallet is loaded into the pallet flow lane – gravity fed to the front position – and case picked – Simple. Automatic pick face replenishment ensures no downtime waiting on inventory restocking. The ready reserve pallets sit in a queue in the lane and flow forward when the worker releases them. All of this combined results in lower turn rates and boosted pick rates, in addition to the benefits of improving worker safety, which reduces repetitive injury, worker compensation costs, and downtime.

Advantages of case picking from Pallet Flow

  • Reduce touches
  • Increase turn rates
  • Boost pick rates
  • Improve worker safety
  • Meet order fulfillment goals
  • Conserve warehouse space

Empty Pallet Return

Empty Pallet Return Lane - Mallard ManufacturingThe case-pick separator can be combined with an empty pallet return lane to further boost the safety and efficiency of your case pick area. Mallard offers 4 types of empty pallet return lane configurations to best fit your operational needs and warehouse space availability.

  • Single Empty Pallet Return
  • Stacked Empty Pallet Return
  • Vertical Pallet Return
  • Double-Sided Vertical Pallet Return

The empty pallet return lane efficiently removes empty pallets from the pick area keeping it more orderly and protecting the pallets from damage.

The Mallard team is ready to help design the right pallet flow lane to satisfy your case picking needs. Call today 844-340-7019 and deliver functionality and safety to your case pick application… CP 100 will deliver the results.