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Dual Pallet Separators Relieve Back Pressure in Deep-Lane Pallet Flow

This dynamic duo, terrific tandem, perfect pressure-removers… ok, we may have run out of rhyming phrases to describe our dual pallet separators, but one look at our video shows why we’re so happy to share the benefits of this product pair with you. As you can see, dual pallet separators are important to deep-lane pallet flow functionality.

Deep-lane pallet flow, upwards of 20+ pallets deep, is a high-density pallet storage solution. The compressed footprint helps optimize cube space and reduce aisle space, while also minimizing inventory handling and processing costs. The system loads from a dedicated aisle and is picked from a separate aisle minimizing congestion and fostering quick, easy pallet retrieval. Like all pallet flow systems, gravity is in the driver’s seat flowing the pallet from one end to the other, but the safety of the journey is definitely in the system designer’s hands… and that’s where the dual pallet separators come into play.
Dual Pallet Separators for Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing

Benefits of Dual Pallet Separators

  • Improves safety of lift truck operation
  • Protects inventory from damage
  • Keeps pallet flowing in a controlled and safe manner
  • Decreases processing costs of equipment and personnel

The Dual Pallet Separator Advantage

Due to the pitch of the pallet flow lane, the deep-lane system exerts a lot of back pressure onto the pallet at the pick (or discharge) side of the system. Our specially-designed pallet separators are engineered to remove those pressures and in a deep-lane system, it is important to apply the power of two… that is the dual pallet separators. One separator is mounted to isolate the pallet at the pick face and the other is placed further upstream in the lane. The separators are automatically triggered to release the pallets to flow forward when the pick face pallet is removed. When the pick face is again filled with a pallet, the separators engage to hold the rear pallets at bay.

Dual Pallet Separators for Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing
Dual Pallet Separator DP 601 – Split-Roller Pallet Flow

Dual Pallet Separator Specifications

Both DP 600 & 601

  • Must add 24” to pallet flow lane depth to accommodate separators
  • Require use of full-surface pallet
  • Weight limited to 30,000 lbs.
  • Only for use with full pallet load and pick

DP 600

  • Install separators beside center rail in 3-rail lane configuration

DP 601

  • Designed for mounting in center rail on both wheeled and 3-rail split-roller systems

The Pressure is Real

Calculating back pressure in a pallet flow lane is not very complicated. Basically, it is .06 x (pallet load weight) x # of pallets. What might come as a surprise is how much pressure these pallet separators can spare your system.

As an example, a 20-deep pallet flow system with pallet load weights of 2,500 lb. would be:

.06 x 2,500 lbs. x 19 pallets = 2,850 lbs. additional lbs.

That’s more than another fully-loaded pallet in the lane and more than that, it is in the form of force being applied to the discharge pallet. When that pallet is accessed by a forklift, particularly up high, forklift mast is already reduced, and warehouse safety becomes a real concern. The pallet separators are the necessary preventative to keep your team safe and your operations moving.

Dual-Pallet Separator for Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing
Dual Pallet Separator DP 601- Wheeled Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow Accessories

Your deep-lane pallet flow system is made more efficient with pallet flow speed controllers to control the speed of the advancing pallets and ensure they track centered within the lane. Additionally, entry guides are often recommended to visually assist your forklift operators in loading the pallets squared (centered) within the lane. This is important to prevent hang-ups and for proper pallet retrieval. Lastly, the Mallard bolt-on ramp stops ensure the pallet comes to a safe stop and remains in the flow lane until removed by the forklift operator.

Can you use some gravity flow expertise designing your deep-lane pallet storage system? Call the Mallard team. Our gravity flow specialists are here to help. Let us help get the pressure off and get you’re your inventory storage and fulfillment goals met.