Magnum wheel pallet flow

Let’s face it, nothing about life right now is easy. There are challenges in our warehouse and distribution supply chain that need a quick response and dependable solutions. And, since we could all use some easy right now, the Mallard team is happy to deliver on it all.

Have you heard of the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”? That’s the pallet flow way. Pallet flow rack can function as:

  • Pallet storage for shallow to deep-deep-lane configurations,
  • Case picking with automatic pick face replenishment from ready-reserve storage
  • Layer picking with automatic pick face replenishment from ready-reserve storage
  • Push-back for date-sensitive inventory on a LIFO rotation, and even…
  • Pallet building more efficiently & safely

It is a versatile warehouse workhorse and it is easy to use and maintain.

How easy is pallet flow to configure and operate? Just take a look at the results from a recent pallet flow test from our in-house engineering test lab.

Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard ManufacturingPallet Flow Test Lane Configuration

Test Pallet Conditions

  • Load weight – 1000-1100 lbs.
  • Picture frame style pallets
  • Pallet Sizes: 45”w x 32.5”d & 42”w x 40”d

What to Look for in a Pallet Flow Test

Pallet Size & Style

The wooden pallets are a bit smaller than standard GMA-style pallets, but they are in good condition and flow well on the wheeled rails. The bottom board to rail connection is key so it’s important that broken or splintered pallets not be put into the pallet flow system.

Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard Manufacturing

Load Weight

The speed controllers set at 52” intervals provide the right amount of slowing and control for the roughly 1000 lb. pallet loads. Heavier pallets may require different speed controller spacing to ensure safe, controlled flow, but this spacing is sufficient for this application. Drop-in speed controllers make direct contact with the pallet so again, as long as the pallet bottom boards are in good shape, the speed controllers will deliver.

Areas of Concern

The cartons are plastic wrapped onto the pallet. Obviously, it’s very common for the wrap to be torn in the process of shipping and receiving the palletized inventory. However, before loading pallets into the pallet flow lane it is advisable to have the driver quickly scan the load and remedy any potential for dangling plastic that can get caught in the wheels or rollers of the flow rack. It’s must faster, not to mention safer, to fix the wrap on the pallet than to unload a system to fix a hang-up.

Pallet Flow Rack Design - Mallard Manufacturing

Easy As…

The Mallard test lab engineers do make it look easy, but for good reason. They know pallet flow. The Mallard team understands the complexity of designing the right pallet flow lane to accommodate the application and inventory. If you’re looking for advice, design or product recommendations or a lane test, we’ll make it easy… give us a call.