Mallard’s latest pallet flow product innovation has gone HD to accommodate substantially weighted palletized material.  Extend-a-Rail is a unique mobile, expandable pallet flow product for flexible storage and assembly situations like dock staging and production/assembly areas.

Extend-a-Rail HD Mobile Pallet Flow Mallard Manufacturing

Extend-a-Rail HD offers heavy-duty wheel and bearing combinations along the rails that are manufactured to accommodate up to 10 pallets at a time and up to 2000 lbs. per pallet.  IBCs, super sacks and just plain ol’ heavy product can be delivered, inventoried and loaded more safely and efficiently with this mobile pallet flow solution.  The durable 2.9 diameter poly wheels of the HD rail allow for the heavy pallets to be simply walked or pushed along the tracks to the discharge end for forklift extraction.

Our original Extend-a-Rail product is ideal for lighter pallets (up to 900 lbs. each) and relies on sturdy, dependable steel skate wheel rails to easily flow the pallets from the load to unload position.

Extend-a-Rail Mobile Pallet Flow from Mallard ManufacturingThis animated video shows how easy it is to use mobile pallet flow for pallet building directly from a delivery vehicle.  Watch as cartons are unloaded to a waiting pallet that is gently glided to the end of the rail for quick, easy forklift pickup.  No need to maneuver the forklift on and off the delivery vehicle… saving time, decreasing dock area commotion and increasing safety.

As you can see, Extend-a-Rail is designed with distinctly separate load and unload ends to simplify usage.  The mobile pallet flow lane can be extended as much as is needed and then loaded up.

If you don’t need 10 full pallet positions, no problem, Extend-a-Rail has safeguards in place to lock and secure the lane at the length and positioning of your choice.  Once the pallets are removed, the lane can be condensed and with such a low profile that it can be stored right under a row of pallet rack… or put right back into service at a new support location such as shipping or production.  We recommend GMA-style pallets such as CHEP and PECO pallets with this mobile pallet flow solution for trouble-free usage.

Extend-a-Rail HD Mobile Pallet Flow for heavy pallets
Load end: foot pedals lock unit in place; safety stops prevent pallet from shifting backward when loaded.

Extend-a-Rail HD Advantages:

  • Safely and conveniently inventory up to 2000 lbs. per pallet
  • Pallet staging, where and when you need it
  • Flexible use of storage, assembly and dock areas
  • Save labor costs by reducing travel time
  • Improve speed & efficiency of warehouse activity
  • Like all Mallard pallet flow products… only minimal maintenance required

Extend-a-Rail HD Features:

  • Heavy-duty2.9 diameter wheels and rugged bearings
  • Retractable design offers up to 10 pallet positions per use
  • Flip-down handle makes it easy to move and fold for storage
  • Feet lock in place to brace and stabilize the unit
  • Light, yet rugged aluminum rails ensure easy transport
  • Anti-backup devices prevent pallet from shifting backwards

Extend-a-Rail is simple to operate:

  1. Wheel the compacted rail to desired work location
  2. Depress foot brake to hold in place
  3. Lower handle to release wheeled casters
  4. Expand the rail using the pull-bar
  5. Load pallets with forklift (anti-back up stops prevent pallet from flowing back)
  6. Unload pallets from discharge end
  7. Raise handle, release brake and collapse unit
  8. Walk the unit to desired storage location or new work area

Would you like to talk mobile pallet flow?  Contact the gravity flow experts at Mallard Manufacturing to see if Extend-a-Rail or Extend-a-Rail HD might be just the economical warehousing solution that you’ve been looking for.

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