Stop Beating the Drum… Just Let It Roll.

Full Roller Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing

It’s not uncommon for the Mallard Testing Lab to test a warehouse solution for pallets made of different materials like wood, plastic, or metal. However, we’ve never tested different drum materials in the same pallet flow lane, until now.

Our customer specializing in raw materials uses metal, cardboard, and plastic drums of varying size and weights to contain their products. The drums are loaded and stored upright so traditional drum cradle storage is not an option. Simple selective rack could get the job done, but even better than static storage is the efficiency that a dynamic system like pallet flow can bring to the operation. Less travel, dense reserve, and accurate fulfillment are all doable with full roller pallet flow and as you’ll see in the test video, the lane configuration holds the key.

Full Roller Pallet Flow - Mallard ManufacturingPallet Flow Rack Configuration

  • Full Roller on 2″ centers
  • Wheel diameter – 1.9″
  • Wheel centers – 2″
  • Indirect mount speed controllers
  • Pitch 1/2″ per foot over 20’
  • Pallet load weight 100 lbs. – 225 lbs.

Critical Lane Design Elements

Two distinct lane features make this system work effectively. The indirect mount speed controllers mounted at 48” intervals and the rollers mounted in a low mount position. The indirect mount speed controllers are installed under the rollers and act as a brake for the slowing the spin of the rollers and thus slowing the drums as they pass over.

Indirect Mount Speed Controllers - Mallard Manufacturing
Indirect Mount Speed Controller

By mounting the rollers low, the rail extends above the roller leaving a small lane guide to help keep the drums in the lane. Learn more in our Best Practices blog about properly setting rollers high or low.

Lastly, setting the pitch on the pallet flow lane is critical to ensure that the drums flow consistently and yet don’t gain too much speed as they flow down the lane. Note that to establish a solution for the heavier metal drums as well as the lighter weight cardboard and plastic drums the pitch needed to greater and was changed from 3/8” per foot to ½” per foot. The ideal solution is to field install lanes according to drum-type thus setting pitch and indirect speed controller placement to ensure the most consistent flow.

And the Drum Roll Please…

Full roller pallet flow is engineered and built to the highest standards, using heavy-duty bearings, axles, tube, and side channel. Mallard’s full roller is designed for long-term low maintenance use. If damage occurs replacement components can easily be installed.

Full Roller Pallet Flow Advantages:

  • Accommodates all pallet sizes
  • Adaptable to all major manufacturers’ rack
  • Custom mounting brackets for secure, low-profile, or heavy-duty use
  • Minimal maintenance

The Mallard team is available to help you solve your warehouse storage and fast, accurate order fulfillment challenges. Gravity flow is easy to use and can be paired with automation equipment. Just give us a call for design ideas, scheduling, and a quote.