Most warehouses inevitably face some kind of space challenge, whether due to increased demand, seasonal inventories or rising SKU’s.  It’s your job to accommodate more (and more) pallets or pick slots in the same amount of space. Gravity flow storage can help. By moving high volume SKUs to high density pallet flow or shifting slower SKU’s to carton flow racking or pick modules, you can consolidate inventory, eliminate aisles and double your storage capacity within the same footprint.

You’ll first want to conduct an inventory analysis to determine the right storage product mix for your SKU’s and throughput requirements. The Mallard team can help you this as well as to design the optimal layout for your space.

Gravity flow comparisonHere’s where the “More” Comes in…

Gravity Flow will save you far more than space, particularly in the area of order selection; the most labor intensive and expensive operation in the warehouse, accounting for close to 60% of DC operating costs.  Pallet flow and carton flow systems can drive these costs down while increasing order picking productivity – A definite win for your bottom line.

  • Save Time and LaborAchieve up to 75% in labor savings by restricting put-away and picking tasks to two locations. As result, order selectors are less fatigued and more productive.
  • Reduce Labor & Equipment Costs – Use fewer fork lifts and order selectors within a consolidated, efficient storage area.

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