Custom pallet flow rack elevation drawings –NEW component of Mallard proposal pPallet flow rack elevation acket

Mallard customers can now receive custom pallet flow elevations within their completed pallet flow racking proposals.  M-Elevations is a proprietary pallet flow rack elevations program developed exclusively for Mallard engineers.  With M-Elevations, we are able to provide a detailed visual representation of each pallet flow rack application using customer specifications – pallet types, load weights, building specs, inventory and fulfillment goals.  Customers can now evaluate their application design from broad system scope down to individual pallet lane configuration using Mallard’s M-Elevation drawings to ensure proper fit within building and other material handling system parameters.

 Benefits of M-Elevations:

  • Design for best use of available vertical & horizontal space
  • Visualize system before materials are ordered
  • Help team/mgt. envision a particular application benefit
  • Accurately measure/plan for the following system requirements:
    • Clear height to ceiling
    • # of pallet positions stored
    • Type of lift trucks needed
    • Top of load dimensions
    • Pallet lane depth and width
    • Safety and emergency systems, i.e. sprinklers, guard rails, vehicle lanes, etc.

Image 2As you can see from the following sample M-Elevation drawings, pallet flow lane details including height, depth and width are clearly identified as are beam heights, lift-off clearance, bay width and direction of flow. While these examples use standard pallet dimensions, varying pallet types and dimensions are easily identified through M-Elevations to guarantee proper fit and clearance.

Fig 1) Side view 7-high, 10-deep pallet flow rack
Figure 2) Front view 2-wide, 3-high/5-deep pallet flow rack

Contact Mallard today to speak with your pallet flow racking specialist and discuss your warehousing needs.  Let us develop a custom Mallard proposal complete with M-Elevation drawings that can visually bring your goals to life.

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