If you’ve been around the warehousing industry awhile, most or all of these common pallet flow racking terms will be familiar. Familiar yes, but you’d be surprised how often even the pros need a little clarification regarding the terms that help identify a pallet flow rack system. So here’s a little “cheat sheet” that we’ve developed that you can use as a quick reference guide when working on your next pallet flow racking project.

Pallet Flow Rack Glossary

Pallet Flow Rail/Track – these terms are interchangeable and refer to the individual piece of wheeled or roller track that is incorporated into the pallet flow lane.

  • Single rail – a single row of wheels in a pallet flow track
  • Double rail – a double row of wheels in a pallet flow track

Pallet Flow Lane – The pallet flow rack lane is the conglomeration of track and accessories that together moves the pallet from the rear loading area to the front pick-face. Lanes consist of 2-3 rails per lane.  Single and double rails can be used together within each lane. For example,

  • “Single-double-single” – (1-2-1) single wheel, double wheel, single wheel configuration of a pallet flow lane
  • “Double-double-double” – (2-2-2) 3 double wheel rails combined in one lane used more commonly for heavy loads or weak pallets to ensure proper surface coverage and to minimize slippage

PF Lanes1Pallet Flow Racking Accessories



Pallet Flow Brake – This term is often used interchangeably with speed controllers, however pallet flow brakes are used to completely stop (vs. slow down) a moving pallet.

Pallet Flow Speed Controller – Positioned strategically within the pallet flow rack lane, speed controllers help control the speed of the pallet and keep the pallet properly tracking down lane.

Pallet Separator – Pallet separators hold pallet(s) back from front pallet to eliminate back-pressure (combined forces of rear pallets) to allow for easier and safer case picking and extraction of the front pallet.  In deep-lane systems multiple pallet separators can be used used. We have a variety of separators available for different storage and order picking applications.  See our new Flex Separator video demo.

Pallet Flow Rack Supports – Lane supports (or mounts) are adjustable stands for floor mounted pallet flow. Mallard has several options available to accommodate all types of Mallard pallet flow systems and applications.

Pallet Flow Rack Guides – Entry guides are installed on the load or charge end of the pallet flow system to help the forklift properly place the pallet in the lane for best flow.

As you can see from the variety of terms above, there’s more to pallet flow lane configuration than meets the eye.  Design is dependent on a number of system and environmental factors depending on each client’s unique application.

The good news is that Mallard’s pallet flow rack experts are on-hand to discuss your storage and fulfillment needs and to guide you through the flow terminology to design a system that works for you.  Give us a call today and let’s get started!

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