Freezer Whse2jpgWhy Choose Pallet Flow for Refrigerated Pallet Storage? 

Refrigerated and freezer warehousing is an expensive (and rather risky) proposition, with costs running up to 10x more than ambient storage.  Raising the stakes even further – empty refrigerated space costs far more to cool than one that’s fully stocked. To ensure the lowest operating cost per pallet, a temperature controlled storage area requires an optimized storage design with maximum pallet density; this is absolutely critical for refrigerated storage ROI.  Pallet flow will do just that – delivering the highest system density, up to 15 deep, with FIFO inventory rotation for food items and perishable goods.  Pallet flow can increase freezer and storage potential by up to 60%.

But Be Careful, Looks Can be DeceivingNow that you’ve determined pallet flow is the right choice for your refrigerated warehouse, you must select a system designed to survive the harsh, frigid environment for the long term. While many systems are configured to look the same, looks are only skin deep… the REAL workhorse, which may be difficult to differentiate at first – is THE WHEEL.

Typical pallet flow wheels are manufactured with a standard polycarbonate which becomes brittle and fatigues in the brutal cold, ultimately chipping, cracking and breaking. This obviously leads to ongoing hang-ups, downtime and hefty wheel or lane replacement costs. Mallard recognized this and selected an extremely rugged, reinforced resin for their Magnum wheel pallet flow that not only endures the punishing cold, but can also support twice the load of the standard off-the-shelf wheel.  Mallard is so confident, that its Magnum wheels come with a lifetime abuse warranty!

wheel Compare2Magnum Wheel Advantages

  • Rugged, reinforced resin material
  • Ideal for heavy loads up to #3,000
  • Wider surface for better pallet tracking
  • Designed for tough freezer environments
  • Lifetime damage warranty

Additional Design ConsiderationsThe wheel may be the most important design element for freezer-cooler pallet flow systems, but there are a few more steps you can take to ensure system performance.

  • Use quality pallets – Wooden GMA style pallets, CHEP and PECO for example, are manufactured for durability and built to perform and flow consistently in tough freezer environment.
  • Test your pallets – Before investing in a system design, have your pallets tested in our in-house testing lab or consider a visit to one of our customer sites with similar refrigerated systems.
  • Ask about freezer brakes – Mallard designed freezer brakes won’t freeze-over or lock-up even in the most extreme temperature

Call a Mallard pallet flow expert for freezer-cooler design advice or to arrange a site visit.

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