The Right Pallet Flow Racking is Central to Efficient Case Picking

Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow
Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow

Skate Wheel Pallet Flow
Skate Wheel Pallet Flow

One potato, two potato… leads to heavy cases of potatoes and a lot of pressure on a pallet flow system intended to work optimally to increase picking efficiencies. Enter Magnum wheel pallet flow rack. Magnum wheel is precisely designed for heavy-duty applications like this produce fulfillment warehouse pictured above left… the skate wheel (far right), not so much. Here’s the story:

The Mallard team was called in to install a test pallet flow system to replace a failing one designed with skate wheel rails. We decided on Magnum wheel for its durability, wider wheel design, and increased capacity rating. That was nearly one year ago.

Snap forward to today… the Magnum wheel lanes we installed have no damage to report. That sounds great, right? Well to us, it sounds like Magnum is doing the job it was created to do. That’s why Magnum wheels are sold with a Lifetime Abuse Warranty. Magnum wheel has performed so well for this produce distribution center that we are in the process of replacing all the existing skate wheel lanes.

We understand that a skate wheel system is simply less expensive to install, but the upfront costs of installing Magnum wheel pallet flow for an application like this are gained back in profit from low maintenance and better efficiency in the long run.

While skate wheel is a dependable pallet flow product (especially the Mallard steel skate wheel) this existing 2-rail skate wheel application was inadequate to handle the weights of these pallets and the rigors of this warehouse. Therefore, the repeated abuse of the existing lanes had caused damaged requiring recurring maintenance which slowed operations and order selection… not to mention chewed into operating revenues.

Working with Mallard gravity flow specialists in system design can help mitigate these types of problems and expenses. We can help to not only choose the right system for the job, but the right accessories too. For example, in the Magnum wheel application above, note the brightly colored ramp stops at the pick face. The ramp stops help secure these heavy pallets in the lane to improve warehouse safety, plus Mallard bolt-on ramp stops are uniquely designed so that should they need replacement, it is done without having to replace the whole pallet flow lane. Safe, efficient, economical.

One last piece of the puzzle in this system design was to add a drop-in speed controller into the center rail of the 3-rail pallet flow lane. While this is only a two-deep configuration, the speed controller will add an extra measure of safety and control to the flow of the heavy pallets. Again, a simple measure to prevent costly worker injury or inventory damage.




Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow Comparison Spec Sheet


  • Most durable pallet flow wheel available
  • Ideal for heavy loads over 3,000#
  • Best choice for freezer applications
  • Lifetime Abuse Warranty!


  • Rated 330 lbs. each
  • .125” wider than IE / competition
  • Reinforced ribs both sides of wheels to the outer rolling surface
  • Each wheel has (2) bearings, can be shielded

If you’d like to check out more Magnum wheel or skate wheel applications we’ve done in the past, visit our Blog Page… just type in your search word and have at it. If you’d like to speak to a gravity flow specialist regarding your specific warehousing needs, just give us a call.

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