Booth #B1956 Will Be Floating a Few Surprises

As promised, Mallard will present a few new surprises at next week’s MODEX show. Since you are checking in with us a little early, here’s a sneak peek at our latest gravity flow innovation “reveals” that are ready to be shared at the Mallard booth.

Cart-Trak Full Roller Carton Flow – Rollers Now Available with Bearings

Cart-Trak carton flow Mallard ManufacturingOne of the industry’s most reliable carton flow rack products will make a smooth new entry into the marketplace when we introduce, Cart-Trak with bearing rollers. While our traditional Cart-Trak will still be available, we will now offer an upgraded Cart-Trak carton flow with bearing rollers as opposed to standard bushings. The bearings offer a few benefits that may not be inherently obvious so check out our video to see it in action.


  • Maximize Vertical Space – Less pitch frees up vertical space to accommodate more levels
  • Cost Savings – Bearing rollers can often be spaced further apart saving on overall system costs
  • Increased Efficiency – Smooth, consistent and faster with fewer hang-ups

How can simply switching out bushings for bearings accomplish this much? The bearings design improves momentum so that carton flow pitch can be reduced thus freeing up vertical space. In addition, the amplified flow means that less carton/roller friction is needed and therefore many applications can go from a 2” center to a 3”, or from a 3” center to a 5”. Fewer rollers means less overall cost. Lastly, as with all carton flow, the better the flow the fewer the hang ups and this carton flow design certainly delivers. And if that all isn’t enough, there’s the Mallard difference… our in-house engineering testing lab is always ready to give your application a test to select the best carton flow product, set the proper pitch and ensure the safest most reliable solution for your needs.

New Drum Roller Speed Controller for Full Roller Pallet Flow

Can you spot Mallard’s new drum roller speed controller? It’s mounted right there among the rollers. It is a full-width speed controller that not only provides more braking coverage, but a more consistent flow mostly applicable for non-standard inventory needs.

Full Roller Pallet Flow Mallard Manufacturing Full Roller Pallet Flow Mallard Manufacturing

Our full roller pallet flow is often our go-to pallet flow solution for non-standard GMA-style pallets, i.e. for plastic pallets, large bins, extra-long pallets, drums, etc. Full roller pallet flow rack supplies out-to-out surface coverage which is what’s generally required to keep inventory of that nature moving in a safe, consistent manner. Typically, indirect mount speed controllers are specified for these applications, but we have found that when handling unique inventory challenges the full-roller coverage of the drum speed controller operated better than several indirect mount speed controllers, plus the drum roller offered a few additional benefits.Visit the Mallard Booth at MODEX

  • Cost Savings – usually requires fewer rollers
  • Increased Efficiency – fewer hang ups, better tracking
  • Bigger 2.5” Roller – more surface coverage

These two latest Mallard innovations are the types of products that you simply need to see up close to appreciate, so be sure to look up when you are at the show… the Mallard Duck will lead you right to where you need to be to check out all our latest products and accessories.

Mallard Booth B1956 Featured Products:

  • Pallet Flow Rack–Full & split roller, heavy-duty Magnum wheel and steel skate wheel
  • Carton Flow Rack – NEW Cart-Trak with bearings plus all Mallard’s varying and consistent carton width carton flow solutions
  • Pallet Flow Separators – Full line of pallet separators to improve warehouse safety and efficiency
  • Speed Controllers – NEW Drum Roller, plus drop-in, direct mount, indirect mount and ABMA
  • Accessories – Lane dividers, guides, ramp stops and trays
  • Extend-a-Rail – Mobile, expandable, deep-lane pallet staging

We encourage you to bring us your warehousing challenges and even better, give us a call today to set up an appointment to meet with one of our gravity flow specialists at your convenience during the show.  And remember to bring your plans so we can get started right away.  If there is a gravity flow solution… you will find it at Booth #B1956. See you at the show!

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