No better way to start a new year than to start with simpler, cleaner, stronger connections, right? Specifically, we are talking pallet flow/pallet racking connections, and with the New Mallard pallet flow step beam connector things are moving forward even better than before.

Step Beam Pallet Flow Connector Mallard ManufacturingStep beams are roll-formed steel beams used to support pallets within a typical pallet rack bay. While Mallard has always offered customizable and secure connections for our pallet flow rails to attach to step beams, our engineers have recently improved upon our old method to offer something even better.

As you can see from the illustrations at the top, the step beam (yellow) is designed with an inside step where the pallet flow rail can attach. Why is our new connection better? Here are a few main reasons…

Mallard Pallet Flow Step Beam Connector 2.0:

  • Connector comes installed on the pallet flow rail
  • Connector can be adjusted during installation to account for fluctuations in bay depth
  • New design allows for a stronger, more secure connection
  • Custom fit for all applications
  • Easy rail to beam attachment

Our simplified connector/pallet flow rail design is assembled in our manufacturing facility and delivered as a single piece. For installation, simply secure the pallet flow rail to the beam using standard Tek screws. Adjust the bolts that attach the connector to the rail to secure the fit to the beam. The rail will fit snuggly and securely better ensuring a smooth pallet flow operation.

We see step beams in pallet racking across a multitude of industries and warehouse applications, available in a variety of lengths, profiles and capacities.  All of Mallard’s pallet flow rack types are easily installed on step beams, box beams or structural channel beam designs.  Check out the rest of our pallet flow rack accessories and 3D illustrations.

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