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Forklift Operators are in the Driver’s Seat for this Pallet Flow Innovation

Sustainability isn’t just a “nice to have” for many businesses, it’s imperative throughout their operation and supply chain. So it’s no surprise that many companies are transitioning to reusable, durable plastic pallets for transport and storage of goods. This is one of the main drivers for the update of the Mallard pallet separator series. There is now a pallet separator for standard and non-standard, plastic pallets to ensure the best function for your pallet flow rack.

One of our more popular pallet separators is the Forklift Separator. It is available in two forms, FL 300 for GMA-type standard pallets and FL 301 designed to meet the needs of non-standard and plastic pallets.

The forklift separator is used in deep-lane and multi-level pallet flow configurations to hold-back rear pallets a small distance from the front pallet to remove back pressure. Removing the pressure from the rear pallets, the front pallet is safer and easier to remove from the lane. The forklift separator operates automatically and does not require extensive operator training. The driver simply extracts the pallet and the rear pallets are released to flow forward. Once the pick face is filled, the rear pallets are stopped from advancing further by the hold-back device. Isolating the front pallet is an important safety safeguard particularly at higher elevations where forklift mast capacity is reduced.

Calculating Back Pressure

How much pressure does the forklift separator remove from the front pallet? To calculate back pressure, multiply .06 x pallet load weight x number of pallets in the lane.

For example, .06 x 1200 x 5 = 360 lbs. of unnecessary pressure weighing down on the pick face pallet. The deeper the lane and the greater the load weight, the more pressure is applied.

Forklift Separator for Pallet Flow - Mallard ManufacturingBenefits of Forklift Separator in Pallet Flow

  • Driver & warehouse safety improved!
  • Easier, more efficient pallet removal
  • Uniquely configured for deep-lane, multi-level pallet flow systems
  • Use with any pallet or any style of pallet flow
  • Empty pallet removal automatically triggers rear pallets to release and flow forward
  • Easy integration with AGV equipment

Forklift Separator Specifications

Both FL 300 & FL 301

  • Adaptable for pallet depths from 32” – 48”
  • Requires all pallets to be the same depth
  • Plan for 12” separation between 1st & 2nd pallets

FL 300

  • Designed for use with GMA-style, CHEP & pallets with cross boards
  • Installs beside the center rail in 3-rail pallet flow systems

FL 301

  • Use with plastic and non-GMA style pallets
  • Installed in the center rail of the lane between split roller rails (in full roller pallet flow, transition to split roller to accommodate the separator)
Forklift Separator for Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing
Forklift Separator FL 301

Team Innovation Working for You!

The Mallard team continues to innovate to ensure that our gravity flow products meet the current and growing needs of our warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution customers. Contact our team for help designing and specifying your pallet flow, carton flow, and gravity conveyor systems and for scheduling and a quote. We are available to meet your needs.