New Pallet Flow Rack Web Pages Enhance Customer Experience

Mallard Manufacturing Pallet Flow AccessoriesA few weeks back we wrote about our Carton Flow Rack Accessories and the new web pages dedicated to those items… well, the changes keep coming and now it’s time for the unveiling of our new Pallet Flow Rack Accessories web pages!

Our intention is always to provide our customers with as much information as we can about our gravity flow products, i.e.  in-depth product detail, photos, illustrations, blogs and RFQ forms –  to make understanding and specifying Mallard gravity flow solutions even easier so that your business can benefit from our products, design and know-how.

Our Pallet Flow Rack Accessories:

Pallet Flow Rack Entry Guides – provide visual assistance to forklift operators for loading/unloading ease and accuracy
Pallet Flow Ramp Stops– “safety yellow” powder coated end stops bolted onto pallet flow lane for faster, easier, less expensive replacement and reconfiguration
Floor Mounted Pallet Flow Supports – customized supports accommodate all Mallard pallet flow rack types for better use of warehouse floor-level storage
Pallet Flow Racking Mount Pallet Flow Mounting Brackets – custom brackets securely fasten any Mallard pallet flow racking lanes in new or existing pallet rack

Each accessory enhances the experience of Mallard pallet flow racking in a unique way.  As with all our pallet flow components, our accessories are manufactured here in the U.S. and meet our strict standards for long-lasting function within busy warehouse environments.  All our accessories are easy to install and can be used in any warehouse climate whether ambient, cold-store or frozen.

Contact our gravity flow specialists today to see how our pallet flow rack accessories can help ensure longer and more efficient use of your pallet flow rack system.1-800-243-6694 US Only