Full roller pallet flow is our go-to system for mixing and matching pallet types in a flow lane. The full-width rollers offer the most contact surface area to ensure pallets of different shapes and configurations keep flowing. Depending on lane length and load capacity, the flow lane can be equipped with speed controllers to help control pallet speed and tracking to meet warehouse safety goals.

Full Roller Pallet Flow Benefits

  • Full coverage for plastic and non-standard pallets
  • Available in 1.9” & 2.5” diameter rollers
  • Galvanized rollers and rails are durable & rust resistant
  • Fits differently-sized pallets in a single lane
  • Secures to standard pallet racking
  • Low-profile installation
  • Easy to maintain

Full roller pallet flow is available in two roller widths. Choose the roller size based upon load capacity and/or pallet style. The 1.9” diameter roller capacity range is 260# / 350# per roller. The larger 2.5” diameter roller system offers a higher capacity rating and the option to supplement with the 2.5” drum speed controller which is often an important safety feature with higher weight pallet loads and/or pallet styles that may skid in the lane.

Depending on your lane design, the larger rollers may actually prove more cost-effective because you require less of them. It’s best to check with the systems designers to ensure you have the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your finished pallet flow design.

Rollin’ On

Here is a good example where 2.5” rollers are used with lighter-weight pallet loads. Again, sometimes this roller is the better option offering greater surface coverage, fewer rollers overall, and the option to seamlessly add the drum speed controller right into the lane.

Full Roller Pallet Flow Rack - Mallard ManufacturingIn this test video, we examine both plastic and wooden pallets with dunnage containers to see if we can come up with a universal pallet flow solution for a manufacturing customer.

Test System Design – Full Roller Pallet Flow

  • 5” roller diameter
  • 5” drum speed controller
  • 3-deep pallet flow system
  • 1/2” per foot over 30’
  • Bolt-on ramp stops


45” x 48” plastic pallets with dunnage containers/load weight – 100-200 lbs.

40” x 48” wooden pallet / load weight – 150 lbs.

How’s it Flowin’?

Full Roller Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing
Drum Speed Controller in Full Roller

Two key considerations in building this lane are the load weights and pallet styles. To keep the lightweight pallet loads flowing, we set the pitch at ½” per foot. At that pitch, pallets can gain a little speed and hit the ramp stop at the end of the lane too hard. To combat that effect, we added a drum roller speed controller near the end of the lane to slow each pallet before it gets to the end. In this position, the speed controller protects the pallet from hitting too hard but doesn’t impede flow further back in the lane.

As a side note, should the ramp stop become damaged, the bolt-on style makes replacement easy and cost-effective. They are made from heavy-duty 8 ga. steel to be very durable, but we all know that accidents happen and so a quick, easy fix is the way to go.

When unloading the pallets, it’s advised to push back a bit with the front pallet before removing it from the lane to get the rear pallets in motion. This method is called Plugging and it is a simple way to prevent hang-ups common with lightweight inventory.

Learn More About Full Roller Pallet Flow

If you are interested in learning more about full roller pallet flow and best-suited applications take a look at these additional resources. To inquire about system design, an in-house test lab review or a quote, please give us a call. Our gravity flow rack experts are ready to help!

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