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Floor-Mounted Split-Roller Pallet Flow

Mount Your Best Offense Against Warehouse Congestion and Rising Costs with Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow

Everyone needs an advantage in this era of fast, faster, fastest inventory processing, and order fulfillment. Floor-mounted pallet flow provides several options to configure the most productive workspace and to get… and keep your team moving to meet demand.

Uses for Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow

  • Staging for finished goods
  • Goods receiving areas
  • Dock staging and shipping areas
  • Case pick operation
  • Manufacturing assembly and packing lines
  • Full pallet in and out

Choose Push-Assisted or Gravity Fed Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow

Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing
Push-Assisted Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow

Floor-mounted pallet flow has two unique configuration options. The rails can be lag-bolted flush to the warehouse floor and the inventory is push-assisted down the lane. Alternatively, the rails are inclined on Mallard floor mounts to provide just the right amount of pitch for gravity to take over and flow the pallets safely to the opposite side.

Benefits to push-assisted, flush-mounted pallet flow lanes:

  • Change flow direction as needed – i.e. for docks that serve as both shipping and receiving. Inbound shipments can flow in during the day and the same lanes can be used for outbound shipments in the evening.
  • More accommodating to pallet spec changes – particularly pallet weights that are more specific to lanes relying on gravity to flow.
  • Shrinkwrap or banding not required – cases stay in place as the pallets are moved by hand. In gravity-fed systems, they are more likely to require wrapping to hold in place.

Benefits of gravity-fed, pallet flow rails mounted on supports:

  • Personnel not needed to advance pallets – workers can focus on picking and are not required to move the pallets.
  • Customized mounting stands (called hat stands) – heights are based upon your inventory specs to ensure safe, controlled flow of the pallets.
  • Easy cleaning below the pallet flow lanes.

Either way you choose, whether flush-mounted or inclined, the benefits are clear… no lift equipment, no waiting on an operator or on stock replenishment, no congestion and improved warehouse picking, space usage, and safety. Let the Mallard team optimize your floor-mounted pallet flow lanes with the best features and accessories.

Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing
Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow for Case Picking

Customized Pallet Supports

Ensure your pallet flow rails are properly fitted to your pallet and inventory specs. Our customized channel supports ensure your lanes flow pallet loads at a controlled speed and that they remain centered in the lane.

Magnum Wheel & Roller Pallet Flow

  • Hat channel supports – customized heights based on inventory specs
  • Welded tube supports – fitted with a front-channel bumper
  • Adjustable H supports

Skate Wheel Pallet Flow

  • Hat channel supports – customized heights per inventory specs
  • Welded tube supports with 3-rail bumper
  • Adjustable H supports

Download our product specification sheet to see all the floor-mounted pallet flow supports.

Floor-Mounted Pallet Flow Lane Accessories

Floor-Mounted Split-Roller Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing

Depending on your operational needs it may benefit you to install an accessory product to your pallet flow lane. All of our gravity flow accessories are made to enhance the function and safety of the pallet flow lane to optimize productivity. Each product is made to be durable for long-term use.

For push-assisted, floor-mounted pallet flow:

  • Rail guards prevent damage to the pallet flow rails as pallets are loaded.
  • Push-assisted pallet flow lanes benefit from the addition of Mallard’s Movable Stop The stop holds the reserve pallets in place when the push-assistance is stopped. The moveable stop is locked or released with a foot-operated lever.

For gravity-fed, floor-mounted pallet flow:

  • Entry guides are installed on the load side (charge end) to help guide pallet loading and ensure proper tracking as the pallets are pushed forward toward the pick aisle.
  • Discharge-end of the flow lanes are equipped with ramp stops to secure the pallet in the lane at the pick face.

Our team is ready to take on your warehousing challenges and make effective changes to help you meet your current needs and future expectations. Lots of options and configuration possibilities await, just give us a call to get started.