Everyone knows that the secret to a good taco is precise layering of the ingredients. On that theme, the Mallard testing lab has cooked up a nifty pallet flow lane design using the Flex Separator FS-200 for a global seasonings manufacturer. Our mission was to enable precise picking from floor mounted pallet flow while boosting picking efficiencies. No complicated mechanized systems needed for this operation… just the right ingredients layered into the pallet flow lane. Check this out:

Lane Design

Pallet Flow Racking Mallard ManufacturingPictured right is a basic Mallard 3-rail wheeled pallet flow lane equipped with drop-in speed controllers to help control not only the speed of the advancing pallets but their tracking down lane. Bolt-on ramp stops are added to the end of the lane to ensure that the pallets come to a safe, complete stop and to help hold the pallets in place in the lane until the inventory is fully picked.

What is not basic about this pallet flow lane is the addition of the Flex Separator. The flex separator is a Mallard engineered product and part of our complete line of pallet separator products. It is designed to enhance the operation of your pallet flow lane specifically when used in a high-volume, floor-level, case-picking application. Now let’s watch how all these elements come to together to meet the needs of our customer.

The TestCustom Pallet Flow Lane Design Mallard Manufacturing

  • Standard wood GMA-style pallets, 40” x 48”
  • Pallet weights 610-2010 (400 lb. difference from lightest to heaviest)
  • Layered cartons, 7-8 layers high

As you can see in the video, the pallet flow lane design described above performs seamlessly in this test.

Equipping the lane with the flex separator improves efficiency over floor-stacking operations and increases safety while simplifying the picking process, and here’s why:

  • Custom Pallet Flow Lane Mallard Manufacturing
    Driver Releases Pallet Separator from Forklift

    The forklift operator does not leave the truck to release the flex separator and advance the rear pallets

  • The front pallet is isolated from the pressure of the rear pallets ensuring that the picking operation is safe, and the front pallet can be removed quickly and easily
  • Pick face is automatically replenished eliminating restocking downtime
  • Lane design accommodates large variance in pallet weights making it easy to plan out picking operation changes and SKU additions
  • Flex separator works with a simple push of the release mechanism… no batteries, wiring or complicated systems to manage
  • All Mallard products are manufactured to last in busy warehouse environments with minimal maintenance required

It’s always a happy day when we can present a customer with a great cost-effective, efficient, easy to use, pallet flow solution for their warehousing needs. What are your material handling challenges? Let’s grab a taco and sit down to chat… there may be a gravity flow solution just waiting to be unwrapped. Give us a call today!

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