Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow - Magnum Wheel

Deep-lane pallet flow systems are designed to maximize your warehouse efficiency… and with Mallard extra-long 20’ rails, we ensure that efficiency is built into every detail, including installation. Take a look…

Mallard’s uniquely designed 20’ long pallet flow rails go up faster and more cost-effectively than typical industry products that are available in only 8’, 9’ or 10’ lengths maximum. Our 20’ rails ship full length and install in about half the time of other pallet flow rails.

Benefits of 20’ Long Pallet Flow Rails

  • Ideal for deep-lane, high-density pallet flow rack
  • 50% less splicing in the field!
  • Priced to save $ on materials
  • Save on labor costs for installation
  • Faster installation

Our extra-long rails are available for our Magnum wheel pallet flow and our standard I.E. wheeled rails. They are built to be sturdy, reliable, and low maintenance as well as easy and quick to install.

Pallet Flow Splicing - Mallard ManufacturingWatch how simple it is to splice a Mallard pallet flow rail:

Materials Needed

  • Impact Driver with ½” socket
  • 8 – 5/16” x ¾” carriage bolts
  • 8 – 5/16” whiz nuts
  • Splice angle
  • Splice plate

Magnum Wheel Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing
Deep-Lane Pallet Flow

Simple Splicing Steps

Step 1 – Place rails together with no space between the first and second rail

Step 2 – Put splice angle on with the taller side against the rail

Step 3 – Thread whiz nuts onto the carriage bolts

Step 4 – Put splice plate on the bottom rail lining up with the corresponding holes

Step 5 – Drop carriage bolts in from the top and tighten below

Step 6 – Use the impact driver to tighten all the whiz nuts on both sides of the rail

Note: Splicing kits are compatible with our wheeled and roller pallet flow systems.

While the pallet flow rails are built for easy installation the Mallard team is always here for you! Our gravity flow rack experts are acutely aware of system design, engineering, and configurations so when in doubt give us a call.

Also, contact us for systems design and testing to guarantee that your pallet flow lane is optimized for your inventory and pallet specs. Our in-house testing lab will design an exact replica test scenario and videotape the test for your team to review. We also include any tips or helpful suggestions for forklift operators and warehouse management.

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