FS200-04 with mark - blogFloor-level pallet storage is common in most warehouse operations to ensure maximized use of all storage space. Using Mallard floor-mounted pallet flow rack will not only optimize space, but transform this storage area into an organized and highly efficient case-pick operation.  However, inherent to multi-deep pallet flow rack systems is the inevitable back-pressure of the combined weight of the rear pallets on the front pallet.  The Mallard Flex Separator will eliminate the pallet flow rack back-pressure and reduce worker injury.

How Does It Work?

The flex separator is a foot-operated apparatus that effectively holds the rear pallets a safe distance behind the front pallet to completely relieve the weight of the gravity–fed rear pallets.   It is most effective for high volume, floor level case-pick applications, with slightly deeper pallet flow lanes.

FS-200 Series Advantages

  • Eliminates rear forces for floor-level case-picking
  • Recommended for 3-8 deep case-picking applications
  • Can be used with all track types of pallet flow rack – wheel and roller
  • Foot-operated manual pallet release

FS-200 Series Considerations

  • Requires an additional 12” to overall lane depth
  • Speed controllers required
  • Separator is mounted next to center rail with wheeled systems

Mallard has designed several pallet separator options for a variety of pallet flow rack applications.  See the full selection here – Mallard Pallet Separator Product Options.

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