Something new is flowing your way… Full Roller Flex Separator (FRFS 202) for case picking from floor-mounted pallet flow using non-standard or varying pallets. Keep the pallets flowing, easier empty pallet removal, improved pick rates, and safer working conditions. Watch our video demonstration for application details:

Full Roller Pallet Flow Separator - Mallard Manufacturing

Pallet Flow Test Details:

  • Pallet flow system: Full roller with FRFS 202 pallet separator
  • Wheel Diameter 1.9″ on 2″ centers
  • FIBA Speed Controllers: Spacing 42″
  • Pitch: 3/8″ and 7/16″ per foot over 30’ lane length
  • Load weight: 500- 2500 lbs.
  • Rail spacing: 53” out to out

As you can see from the video, the Mallard team tested a variety of non-standard pallets including flat-bottom plastic pallets, pod-foot pallets, plastic crates, and more to show the flexibility of the full-roller pallet flow system and the effectiveness of the FRFS 202 – full roller flex separator.

In particular, pod-style pallets and runner pallets have proven challenging with split-roller pallet flow because it was difficult to ensure the pod or runner would hit the separator paddle. That challenge is eliminated with FRFS 202. The full-width paddle makes proper contact with the pallet every time.

The flex separator is uniquely designed to improve safety for operations for case picking from pallets in a floor-mounted pallet flow lane. The flex separator, like our complete line of pallet separators, functions to remove the back pressure inherent in a pallet flow lane.

What is Back Pressure?

Back pressure is the accumulation of stress upon the front pallet from the cumulative weight of the rear pallets in the pitched lane. Gravity flow lanes capitalize on the power of gravity as opposed to mechanized operations which is a huge benefit but must also be kept in check particularly in deep-lane systems.

Back pressure left unchecked can compromise warehouse safety by making it more difficult is not dangerous to remove empty pallets from the lane.

Back pressure can be calculated by multiplying the full weight of all rear pallets combined by .06.

As an example:

  • 5-deep pallet flow system with 2,500 lb. pallet loads
    Back pressure = .06 x 2,500 lbs. x 4 pallets = 600 lbs.
  • 19-deep pallet flow system with 2,500 lb. pallet loads
    Back pressure = .06 x 2,500 lbs. x 19 pallets = 2,850 lbs.

Depending on your case picking application, you may want to add the optional foot-pedal release you see in the video. Without the foot pedal, the pallets will be automatically released to flow forward when the front pallet is removed. It’s all a matter of preference and application.

Applying Full Roller Flex Separator in a Pallet Flow Lane:

  • Use with 1.9” diameter rollers
  • Choose for non-standard, plastic pallets, pod pallets, or changing pallets
  • Works with a pallet depth range from 40” – 52”

Note: The pallet width can vary in this lane design because the full-width paddle will stop anything advancing down the lane. With separator set for a 48″ deep pallet, we were able to effectively flow pallets ranging from 48″d to 45″d with positive results.

Safety IS Cost-EffectiveFull Roller Pallet Flow Separator - Mallard Manufacturing

Pallet flow offers benefits for case picking operations. Pick face replenishment, deep-reserve storage, ergonomically positioned inventory, separate load and pick aisles, these are all productivity boosters for your case pick team, and improving on the safety of that operation only makes the process better for your employees, equipment, inventory… your bottom line!

Call the Mallard team today. Our gravity flow rack experts are available to help you find the right solution to meet your challenges.