Pallet hang-ups are a common, yet easily avoidable, problem for pallet flow users. It happens when a rear pallet, typically deeper in the lane, either stops or won’t restart when the front pallet is extracted. Most hang-ups are caused by everyday warehouse conditions; weak/broken pallets, pallet loads that settle on tracks, temperature changes, etc.

Luckily we have an easy fix. In the field, we call it “Plugging the Pallet Flow“.  It relies on simple physics, or inertia, to get those stubborn pallets moving again.

Here’s How:

  1. Lift the front pallet 1″ above the rollers
  2. Firmly push or bump the rear pallets back into the lane, about 4″
  3. Back out, extracting the front pallet and gently “plugging” the rear pallets forward

Simple, right? Plugging may NOT be necessary in every system or situation, but we highly recommend using the approach for ALL pallet extractions to avoid unnecessary, time-consuming hang-ups.


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