Pallet Flow Supports Rise Up for Optimized Floor-Mounted Flow Rail

There are two options when mounting pallet flow lanes to the floor… level pallet flow that is push-assisted or gravity-fed pallet flow which is mounted at a slight incline. If you are flush-mounting level lanes, they can be lag-bolted to the floor, but if you are slightly elevating them then Mallard custom designed supports are the answer. Unlike many traditional systems, Mallard mounted pallet flow supports are manufactured and installed to your specific height requirements.

Our uniquely engineered floor-mounted pallet flow support options are designed to complement our proprietary lines of Magnum wheel, steel skate wheel and full- or split-roller wheel pallet flow systems.

Each Mallard floor-mounted support is outlined in our product specification sheet which is available for download. However, we recommend contacting a Mallard gravity flow specialist to review your project needs and ensure an ideal solution for your warehousing needs.


  • Lower profile than rack mounted pallet flow
  • Bonus pallet flow lane below pallet rack for order selection
  • Easy access for floor level cleaning below pallet flow lanes
  • Less bulky than pallet rack mounted options


  • Supports available for Magnum, Skate Wheel, Full/Split Roller
  • Hat channel designed to custom height spec
  • Adjustable H supports
  • Welded tube supports with front channel bumper (Magnum & full/split-roller)
  • Welded tube supports with 3-rail bumper (skate wheel)