Push-Back Pallet RackHigh-Density, Low-Profile Push-Back Storage 

Mallard push-back pallet rack takes all the advantages of pallet flow rack and combines the condensed footprint of push-back rack to deliver a unique high-density, low-profile, dynamic LIFO storage solution.

Let’s talk high-density… the traditional push-back cart and track design has a maximum depth of 5-6 pallets deep, but Mallard’s push-back pallet racking systems use heavy-duty pallet flow rails that require less vertical height for multiple deep applications, so a Mallard system can go up to 12 pallets deep. That’s twice the pallet density. Plus, the single aisle access for loading and picking reduces the overall footprint of the system. Pallets are loaded onto the push-back lane then gently pushed back on the slightly inclined rails. As pallets are picked, the rear pallets automatically flow forward to the aisle face for pick face replenishment.

A push-back system designed using pallet flow rails/rollers can be better customized to your inventory specifications. Long, short, or non-standard pallets easily find a home in a Mallard push-back system. This system design also allows the forklift operator better ability to control the flow of inventory as it is loaded and unloaded into the lane. And, should your inventory or throughput needs change… your push-back system can convert to a FIFO supporting pallet flow racking solution.


  • Supports Last-In / First-Out (LIFO) storage
  • 90% more storage capacity vs. selective
  • Stores unique SKU per lane
  • Stores up to 12 pallets deep in a lane vs. 5-deep using traditional push-back carts
  • Easily converts to pallet flow for FIFO inventory rotation
  • Promotes selectivity for faster pick rates


  • Available in wheeled and roller systems
  • Wheeled systems – Rated 330 lbs. each
  • Roller systems have rated capacities ranging from 90# to 350# per roller
  • Rollers available: 1.4”/1.9”/2.5” diameter
  • Available up to 12 pallets deep