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Tight on space and need efficient pallet storage? How about push-back pallet flow? Push-back pallet flow is loaded and picked from a single aisle saving valuable warehouse space while still providing beneficial reserve storage and automatically replenished pick face.

How do we do it? Well, a recent test video from the Mallard in-house Engineering Testing Lab is a great way to show how to design a push-back pallet flow lane that will accommodate a variety of pallet depths and weights.

Designing the Push-Back Pallet Flow System

This customer is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial materials with a wide assortment of palletized materials that are well-suited for storage and picking from push-back lanes.

  • System Type – 3-rail wheeled system
  • Wheel Diameter – 2.9”
  • Rail Spacing 37” out to out
  • Load weight 200 – 1300 lbs.

Watch the Video:
Push-Back Pallet Flow - Mallard Manufacturing

The pallets vary in size and bottom board configuration, but they are in good condition. Most of the pallets only have two bottom boards but they flow well in the 3-rail wheeled push-back system.

Pallet Dimensions

  • 38 ½”w x 26 ½”d
  • 38 ½”w x 41”d
  • 38 ½”w x 52 ½”d
  • 43”w x 43”d

The bottom board is a key to the success of a gravity flow system in that the more contact the pallet makes with the flow rail the better the flow, meaning consistent centered movement down the lane. In this case, the pallets that have only 2 bottom boards work well in the system because the boards are wide and therefore make good contact. Pallet number 3 has more narrow boards but there are 3 of them so that makes it work.

Test Results

  • Pallets showed positive signs during the testing process on this 3-rail push back system.
  • Even with pallets that only had 2 bottom boards we did experience good flow and very few restart issues.
  • Good pallet quality will help to ensure proper restart and flow in this lane setup.
  • The rails spacing of 37” out to out accommodates all the differently-sized pallets.
  • These pallets are a good candidate for this system.

Do You Need a Little Push to Deliver Better Productivity?

Call the Mallard team. The gravity flow experts at Mallard can help you decide if push-back pallet flow is a good fit for your inventory and operational goals. Using M-Elevations, we can show you what the system will look like within your facility before committing to purchase to ensure the best fit for your needs. Contact us today 844-340-7019.